B.Mus. Degree Requirements

The B.Mus. is a Special Field Concentration program, consisting of 93-111 units <15.5 to 18.5 credits> as described below and 18-36 elective units <3.0 to 6.0 elective credits> to total 129 units <21.5 credits>.


  • Descriptions of courses as well as a list of courses being offered in the current academic year can be found on the Courses Offered page.
  • To assist students beyond the first year of study with accommodation to the new Peoplesoft/SOLUS system, credit information is being indicated both in units and the equivalent pre-2011 credit system, shown in carats, "< >".

Degree Requirements

1. CORE COURSES (63.0 units)

     A.  12.0 units in MUSC 103/3.0, MUSC 203/3.0, MUSC 204/3.0,
          MUSC 205/3.0
          (Music Theory)
     B.  15.0 units in MUSC 191/6.0, MUSC 292/3.0, MUSC 293/3.0;
          MUSC 392/3.0; MUSC 291/6.0
          (Music Education)
     C.  3.0 units from MUSC 180/3.0; MUSC 181/3.0; MUSC 183/3.0;
          MUSC 185/3.0; MUSC 187/3.0; MUSC 188/3.0
     D.  6.0 units in 127/3.0 and MUSC 227/3.0
     E.  3.0 units from MUSC 129/3.0; MUSC 229/3.0; MUSC 128/3.0;
          MUSC 228/3.0
          (Applied Study)
     F.  12.0 units from (MUSC 120/6.0 or 121/6.0) and (MUSC 220/6.0 
          or 221/6.0)
          (Music Theory or Musicology)
     G.  3.0 units from MUSC Specialization Additional
     H.  1.5 units from MUSC Ensembles Vocal
     I.   4.5 units from MUSC Ensembles Vocal; MUSC Ensembles

2. OPTION COURSES (30.0 units)
    A. 30.0 units from Option List 2Ai or 2Aii
          i.  Music Education Option
               a.  3.0 units from MUSC 180-189/3.0
               b.  6.0 units in MUSC 273/3.0 and MUSC 274/3.0
               c.  6.0 units from MUSC 332/3.9; MUSC 336/3.0;
                   MUSC 338/3.0
               d.  6.0 units in MUSC 438/3.0 and MUSC 439/3.0
               e.  9.0 units from MUSC
          ii.  Music Comprehensive Option
               a.  30.0 units from MUSC
; IDIS 311/3.0


     A. A minimum of 36.0 units in any subject from the ASC
     Course Catalogue list at the 300 level or above, excluding
     MUSC Ensembles Vocal; MUSC Ensembles Instrumental.
     B.  A maximum of 108.0 units may be from MUSC; a
     minimum of 18.0 units must be non-MUSC courses.
     C.  A maximum of 12.0 units may be from MUSC   
          Ensembles Vocal, MUSC Ensembles; MUSC Ensembles
     Vocal; MUSC Ensembles Instrumental (i.e. 4 more
     ensemble courses may be taken beyond the core  
     requirements of the Plan).


A.  Students choosing music education as their main 
         area of study and who intend to enter or are
         registered concurrently in a Bachelor of Education 
         Program should choose the Music Education Option
     B.  Ensembles:  Membership in all ensembles is by
          audition.  Students may register and participate in a
          maximum of two ensembles per academic session. 
          All students participate in at least one vocal
          ensemble, as per Core Requirement 1H, above.  
          Furthermore, students enrolled in Applied Study
          courses (MUSC #20/6.0; MUSC #21/6.0 must
          participate in the following ensembles every year  
which they do not fulfill the mandatory vocal
          ensemble requirement:
          Voice students: any Vocal Music Ensemble;
          String students: any Symphony Orchestra Ensemble;
          Woodwind, Brass and Percussion students:  any
          Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, or Wind     
          Piano students: must take MUSC 261/1.5 and     
          any Piano Accompaniment, Vocal, Symphony    
          Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Wind or Unspecified
          Chamber Ensemble;
          Guitar students: any Vocal, Symphony Orchestra,
          Symphonic Band, Wind or Unspecified Chamber
     C.  Students who meet higher standards of performing
          ability, including those entering their first year, may
          audition in September for acceptance into the
          "double unit" Applied Study (performance) courses.
          In addition to their private lessons, students in these
          courses perform a public recital at the end of the
          year.  Students who audition successfully register in
          MUSC 120/6.0 and MUSC 125/6.0 instead of MUSC
          121/6.0 (and similarly in upper years).  The MUSC
          #25/6.0 courses may be used towards the Music
          Option components of the B.Mus. degree.
     D.  Applied Study Requirements:  Students registered in
          MUSC 120/6.0, MUSC 121/6.0, MUSC 220/6.0 and 
          MUSC 221/6.0 are required to attend six concerts
          per term, to a total of 12 concerts per academic
          session.  This required concert attendance accounts
          for 10 per cent of the teacher's component of the 
          Applied Study mark at the end of the year.
     E.  By the end of the second year, students are
          expected to have attained the Minimum Degree Level
          in their instrumental or vocal applied study (A
          proficiency equivalent to that of Grade X of the
          Royal Conservatory of Music).  Students who do not
          reach this level will be required to continue to study
          applied music, without additional credit, until this
          level is successfully achieved.