First Year B.Mus./B.Ed.

First Year B.Mus./B.Ed.

Musc 103 A
Musc 121 AB
Musc 127 AB
Musc 129 AB
Musc 191 AB
Musc 203 B

For music education, BMUS/BED must take one 180 series (F).

MUSC Term Course Title Instructor
180* A or B
Vocal Techniques and Methods I
181* A or B
Woodwind Techniques & Methods I
183* A or B
Brass Techniques & Methods I
185* A or B
String Techniques & Methods I
187* A or B
Percussion Techniques & Methods I
188* A or B
Guitar Techniques & Methods I

and/or take one course in another department for your second teaching subject (I/S) or breadth (P/J) courses.

Not all 180 series courses are offered in a single year; check the current SOLUS course listings for offerings in your year.

Please do NOT take Psyc 100 at this time.

For questions about Music Education and second teaching subjects within the BMUS degree, see Dr Julia Brook, Music Education advisor.

For questions about the Concurrent BEd, see Vicky Andrews, Concurrent BEd Coordinator in Education.

 For other issues and problems with SOLUS, contact Dr Stephanie Lind, Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Music.