Fourth Year B.Mus./B.Ed.


Complete any outstanding MUSC core requirements.

Complete any outstanding P/J breadth or I/S second teaching subject requirements.

Be sure to take two to four semester courses outside of music in your second teaching subject. Be sure you have taken Psychology.

Make sure you have the right number of units to graduate, including 300+ courses.

Music Education

Ensure that you have 24.0 - 30.0 Music Education units within your BMUS degree.

Take one of these three, if you have not taken two, or substitute a MUSC 280s for the second MUSC 180:

181* A Woodwind Techniques & Methods Craig
183* A Brass Techniques & Methods Tremblay
187* A Percussion Techniques & Methods Runions

If you have not taken MUSC 270 Conducting, do so!
If you have not taken MUSC 336, ensure that you take MUSC 332.
Ensure that you have 6.0 units in 400 level music education.

The MUSC  280s series is new to Queen’s, but most valuable for music educators at the I/S level because the focus is on teaching these instruments in the classroom.

281* B Woodwind Techniques and Methods II Freeman
283* B Brass Techniques and Methods II Brunette
285* B String Techniques and Methods II Dalbec-Szczesniak
332* A Music in Early Adolescence Lamb
373*X B Music Theatre Practicum Fort/Kelly
438* B Music Education Seminar Lamb
470* B

Topics in Music Education I - Music and Mass Media


For questions about Music Education and second teaching subjects within the BMUS degree, see Dr Julia Brook, Concurrent Education advisor in Music.

For questions about the Concurrent BEd, see Vicky Andrews, Concurrent BEd Coordinator in Education.

For other issues and problems with SOLUS, contact Dr Stephanie Lind, Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Music.