Third Year B.Mus./B.Ed.

Third Year

B.Mus./B.Ed. should take these music core courses.

MUSCTermCourse TitleInstructor
204ABaroque & Classical Music
(If deferred)
205BMedieval & Renaissance Music
(If deferred, or you may defer to Fourth year)
392ATheory & Analysis IIILind
 BOne Seminar to complete requirement 1F (see list in Calendar) 

Music Electives

Take 3.0 - 6.0 in music elective of your choice.

Music Education

You should take MUSC 332* because it is a prerequisite to 400-level music education courses.  Other upper-year music education courses include:
MUSCTermCourse TitleInstructor
332*AMusic in Early Adolescence
373*XBMusical Theatre PracticumFort/Kelly
438*BMusic Education Seminar 
470*BTopics in Music Education I

If you have not completed the 180-series requirement, take one from the 180s series or one from the 280s series:Be sure to take two 3.0 / one 6.0 in your P/J breadth requirement or I/S second teaching subject.

180*A or B
Vocal Techniques and Methods I
A or B
Woodwind Techniques & Methods I
183*A or B
Brass Techniques & Methods I
A or B
String Techniques & Methods I
A or B
Percussion Techniques & Methods I
A or B
Guitar Techniques & Methods I

Not all 180 series courses are offered in a single year; check the current SOLUS course listings for offerings in your year.

The 280s are new.  They provide you with more experience on a secondary instrument; however, the focus is on organizing teaching and materials in a high school setting.  If your major instrument is clarinet, you may seek permission to take MUSC 281* without taking MUSC 181*; if your major is trumpet, you may seek permission to take MUSC 283* without MUSC 183*.
280*A or BVocal Techniques and Methods IIBaird
281*A or BWoodwind Techniques and Methods IICraig
283*A or B
Brass Techniques and Methods IIBrunette
285*A or B
String Techniques and Methods IIDalbec-Szczesniak
287*A or B
Percussion Techniques and Methods IIRunions
288*A or B
Guitar Techniques and Methods IIHanlon

Be sure to take courses in your P/J breadth requirement or I/S second teaching subject.

Take PSYCH 100 if you have not done so already.  This may be done on campus in F/W or online through Continuing and Distance Studies during the spring or summer.

For questions about Music Education and second teaching subjects within the BMUS degree, see Dr. Julia Brook, Music Education advisor.

For questions about the Concurrent BEd, see Vicky Andrews, Concurrent BEd Coordinator in Education.

For other issues and problems with SOLUS, contact Dr Stephanie Lind, Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Music.