Queen's School of Music is known for its outstanding instruction and facilities in all facets of composition.

After completion of first year, students have the unique opportunity to study privately with an internationally acclaimed composition faculty within a number of compositional disciplines. Student effort in vocal and instrumental composition is supported by a number of outstanding chamber groups and large ensembles, which give the student composer an excellent opportunity for the performance of his or her works. As well, regular concerts of new music, the Mosaic series, provide additional venues for the presentation of student compositions.

For the prospective composer who is interested in pursuing studies in the areas of jazz composition and arranging, multi-media, and film music, Queen's presents many opportunities. For example, the nationally-recognized Department of Film and Media can provide experience in the scoring of student films. Courses and private instruction in the areas of jazz composition and arranging are supported by an outstanding jazz ensemble.

Electroacoustic Composition

Queen's School of Music has a tradition of excellence in the area of electroacoustic music composition and music technology. Dedicated faculty and well-equipped studio facilities provide the student with superb training in these fields. As a result, many former Queen's students have received prestigious awards for their electroacoustic compositions.

An introductory electroacoustic composition course is offered, with the main focus being the production of electroacoustic music by students, using the studio facilities provided by the School of Music. Course content includes lectures on technical, aesthetic and compositional issues of electroacoustic music, as well as practical work in the studios such as in-class assignments and workshops. Students are expected to produce electroacoustic music compositions on a weekly or biweekly basis, and to perform some of their work in a concert venue.

The School of Music curriculum offers courses in upper year electroacoustic composition for students who have completed the introductory courses in electroacoustic music or the equivalent. These courses allow students to meet with the instructor in small groups. As well, all composition students meet once a week in order to participate in a composition pro-seminar or technical seminar with composition faculty and other electroacoustic music composition students. Students enrolled in upper year electroacoustic composition courses are required to work on at least one major composition per term, the composition to be agreed upon by the student and the instructor. The student is required to perform at least one of the compositions once per term at a Mosaic concert or similar venue.