Music Education

Music Education is more than teaching kids in schools!

At Queen's University you can pursue studies of music education broadly, whether you plan to become an Ontario College of Teachers certified classroom teacher or lead a church choir or provide piano lessons out of your own studio or operate a community music school. We recognize that all musicians teach at some point in their careers; therefore, we encourage you to prepare yourself well for this role. We invite our students to think of music education as one meaningful way to be a musician.

The Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education Concurrent Degree is one of a kind in the region. Students are accepted based on an audition with Queen's Music, an experience statement in the Faculty of Education, and their high school marks. The combined program takes 5 years to complete, but once you have finished you have a music degree and an education degree and are ready to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers for teaching in the elementary and secondary schools. Students accepted into this program are of the highest caliber in musical and teaching potential. See Faculty of Education Concurrent Programs and B.Mus./B.Ed.  Recommended Plan of Study by year.

The Bachelor of Music degree followed by the Bachelor of Education degree is another option for those who want to become certified teachers in the elementary and secondary schools. With this option you take fewer courses than in the B.Mus./B.Ed. Concurrent program in any given year and must apply to a Faculty of Education in your 4th year of the B.Mus. You may take the same music education courses in the School of Music that the B.Mus./B.Ed. Concurrent students do.

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Major allows a student who is mostly interested in the scholarly study of music, or students who wish to combine a Major plan with a Minor, to take some music education courses, along with research-based courses that prepare for further graduate study.

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Medial provides an option for students who want to equally focus on two subjects in their university studies. It is a good option for those with very broad interests, who want greater focus on music than a minor but less than a Bachelor of Music or BAH Music Major degree.

The Bachelor of Arts - Minor provides an option for students who want a 3-year degree with some focus in music and education.

Music Education at Queen's University prepares musicians to experience and understand relationships between teaching, learning, and music. The curriculum provides excellent preparation for future needs and varied interests of our students. Students can choose to meet the requirements for admittance to a Faculty of Education and teacher certification.

Some Music Education courses feature a practicum component (Musc 274*, 332*, 336*, 338*, and 436*, although this may vary by year) which allows for practical experience with children and young adults. One example is the Symphony Education Project with the Kingston Symphony Association. Other projects link with the local school boards (Limestone District School Board and Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board). We welcome new projects with other music organizations. We encourage Music Education students to schedule a balance of music education, performance, music theory/composition, and musicology, both the subject of music and in the teaching/learning process. (See the list of music courses.) Students have many opportunities for acquiring conducting and rehearsal techniques, as well as compositional and performance skills. All students in the School have the opportunity to participate in a variety of performing ensembles throughout their course of study.

We encourage Professional Development. Our faculty and instructors engage diverse research areas and professional practice. We offer these scholarly and professional supports to colleagues and students:

  • Q.U.S.M.E.A.: The Queen's University Student Music Educators Association
  • G.E.M.S.: Gender Education Music Society: The electronic refereed journal of Gender Research in Music Education -International.
  • G.R.I.M.E.: The web page of Gender Research in Music Education - International and the Gender Research Interest Group of the MENC.