Introduction to Music Education

Course Number: 273*/3.0 3L (Course Code Explanation)

Open To: B.Mus. and B.Mus./B.Ed. students, non-B.Mus. students

Area(s): Music Education

Instructor(s): Dr. Julia Brook

Term(s): A

Day(s) and Time(s): Th: 8.30-11.30

Room: HLH 120

Calendar Description

An introduction to the historical, psychological, sociological, and philosophical foundations of music education in North America. Three school-based observations may be included.

Prerequisite(s) / Corequisite(s) / Exclusion(s)

  • PREREQUISITE (MUSC 103/3.0 and registration in the MUSC Medial Plan or B.Mus. Program) or ([MUSC 101/3.0 or MUSC 102/3.0] and [MUSC 171/3.0 or MUSC 289/3.0] and registration in the MUSC Minor/General Plan).

Additional Information

This course explores theories of teaching and learning, varying philosophies of music and music education, and the historical context of music education in Ontario. Students will be expected to challenge their own beliefs and values, comparing them to the beliefs and values of classmates, selected theorists and philosophers, and the current music curriculum of Ontario.

Class activities include role-play, simulations, small and large group discussion, singing, movement, and creative projects. Classroom observation may also be included, preparing students for MUSC 274 (Partnership Placement). Course evaluation consists of a Thinking Journal, weekly captures of required readings, research project, and a final examination. Grading is based on a mastery system, and each weekly assignment may be re-submitted until mastery is achieved or the end of term is reached.