Music in Early Adolescence

Course Number: 332*/3.0 3L (Course Code Explanation)

Open To: B.Mus. and B.Mus./B.Ed. students, non-B.Mus. students

Area(s): Music Education

Instructor(s): Dr. Roberta Lamb

Term(s): A

Day(s) and Time(s): T: 10.00-11.30, Th: 8.30-10.00

Room: GGSR

Calendar Description

An introduction to the methods, materials, and curriculum design suitable for teaching music to pupils in grades 5 through 8.

Prerequisite(s) / Corequisite(s) / Exclusion(s)

  • PREREQUISITES MUSC 273/3.0 and MUSC 274/3.0.

Additional Information

This is a skills-based course focusing on both musical skills and teaching skills. **

Course Goals for Each Student

  1. Play a minimum of 5 chords on the ukulele; competently lead songs; teach basic ukulele skills.
  2. Play a minimum of an octave on each of the soprano and alto recorders, and play competently in the keys of C, F, G, D; teach basic recorder skills.
  3. Assess and evaluate classroom materials for teaching ukulele and recorders to grades 5-8.
  4. Demonstrate competency in organising instruction and materials for using these instruments with grades 5-8.
  5. Become familiar with educational research about early adolescent learners.

Required Textbooks

  • Ukulele in the Classroom, Book 1 (D6) Teacher's Edition James Hill & Chalmers Doane
  • Windsongs Book 5 A la claire fontaine Joe Berarducci
  • Windsongs Book 6 Alto Odyssey Joe Berarducci
  • Journal articles about early adolescent learners will be available through the library and on-line.

Required Instruments

  • Empire Music E765M Soprano ukulele (deluxe machine heads, low A tuning)
  • Yamaha YRA302B Alto recorder, Rottenburgh, Baroque fingering
  • Yamaha YRS302B Soprano recorder, Rottenburgh, Baroque fingering


  • Ukulele in the Classroom, Book 1 (D6) CD James Hill & Chalmers Doan
  • Windsongs, Teachers Guide for Books 1, 2, 3, & 4 Joe Berarducci
  • Windsongs CD, accompanies Teachers Guide for Books 1, 2, 3, & 4 Joe Berarducci

All books and instruments have been ordered through the Campus Bookstore. It is not acceptable to substitute “toys” for quality instruments. You need to have the D6 tuning ukulele.



Participation in lecture classes

18 (1% for each lecture)

Placement Reflective Log


6 Ukulele Lesson Plans


Ukulele Proficiency


3 Recorder Lesson Plans


Recorder Proficiency


3 article reviews @ 7% each




**NOTE: A police check is required prior to entering any classroom.