Introduction to Orchestration

Course Number: 396*/3.0 2L (Course Code Explanation)

Open To: B.Mus. and B.Mus./B.Ed. students, non-B.Mus. students

Area(s): Theory and Composition

Instructor(s): Dr. John Burge

Term(s): A, B

Day(s) and Time(s): F: 2.30-4.30

Room: HLH 120

Calendar Description

The examination of individual instruments in the string, woodwind, brass and percussion sections. Course includes score analysis, transcription, arranging and orchestration. A recommended course for B.Mus. composition students.

Prerequisite(s) / Corequisite(s) / Exclusion(s)

  • PREREQUISITE MUSC 191 or permission of the School.

Additional Information

This course teaches students a basic understanding of orchestration. This will be achieved by studying ranges and general characteristics of the standard orchestral instruments as well as by examining the treatment of these instruments in an ensemble setting. The course is divided into three units: strings, woodwinds and brass. Percussion instruments will be covered briefly before the final examination. Students will have an opportunity to hear some of their assignments performed in class by an ensemble that will be drawn from students in the course (augmented by volunteers from outside of the class as needed).