Applied Pedagogy II - Ear Training

Course Number: 329*/3.0 1P, 2L (Course Code Explanation)

Open To: B.Mus. and B.Mus./B.Ed. students, non-B.Mus. students

Area(s): Applied Music

Instructor(s): Dr. Cynthia Tormann

Term(s): A

Day(s) and Time(s): T: 1.00-2.30, Th: 11.30-1.00

Room: HLH 213

Calendar Description

The practical study of teaching techniques of standard musical repertoire (solo, chamber, orchestral, operatic, etc.) of a particlar instrument.  The course requires student performances of representataive musical works.  The focus of study will rotate from year to year as resources permit.

Prerequisite(s) / Corequisite(s) / Exclusion(s)

  • PREREQUISITES (MUSC 120/6.0 or MUSC 121/6.0) or (permission of the coordinator of the voice area and [MUSC 124/6.0 and permission of the School