Academic Advising

All B.Mus. and B.A. Music Concentration students are encouraged to seek academic advice from a full-time School of Music faculty member. Advisors help to ensure that the core requirements for the program are being met, and assist with the selection of appropriate elective courses, depending on the student's strengths and goals.

First-year B.Mus. students must consult with their Academic Advisor in orientation week; students in other years are strongly advised to consult with an academic advisor in the first week of classes in the Fall term, particularly since the B.Mus. core curriculum is undergoing revisions.

The Academic Advisors for the 2012/13 academic year are:

Chair of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Stephanie Lind 613-533-6000, Ext. 79388 B.Mus., Transfer, Part-time
HLH 311
Academic Advisors Dr. John Burge 613-533-6000, Ext. 74203
B.Mus. Yr. 1 HLH 309
Dr. Clara Marvin 613-533-6000, Ext. 74205
B.A. HLH 307
Dr. Roberta Lamb 613-533-6000, Ext. 32065
HLH 303

The following faculty are available to give advice in their respective areas:

Director - School of Music Dr. Margaret Walker 613-533-6000, Ext. 74211 HLH 201
Academic Area Co-ordinators:
Music Education Dr. Roberta Lamb 613-533-6000, Ext. 32065
HLH 303
History & Culture
Dr. Margaret Walker 613-533-6000, Ext. 74211 HLH 201
Theory & Composition Dr. John Burge 613-533-6000, Ext. 74203 HLH 309
Electroacoustic Music Studio Dr. Matt Rogalsky 613-533-6000, Ext. 78994 Watson 131
Double Credit Applied (Performance) Dr. Kip Pegley 613-533-6000, Ext. 78491 HLH 305
Applied Area Co-ordinators:
Brass/Percussion Dan Tremblay 613-533-6000, Ext. 75727
HLH 223
Woodwind Gordon Craig 613-533-6000, Ext. 74212 HLH 220
Strings/Guitar Gisele Dalbec-Szczesniak 613-533-6000, Ext. 78608 HLH 315
Keyboard Michel Szczesniak 613-533-6000, Ext. 78618 HLH 227
Tom Davidson 613-533-6000, Ext. 75416 HLH 226
Voice Dianne Baird

Carol-Lynn Reifel

613-533-6000, Ext. 75724

613-533-6000, Ext. 74182

HLH 224

HLH 224
Chamber Music Kama Tomm 613-533-6000, Ext. 79069 HLH 207
Scholarships Dr. Kip Pegley
613-533-6000, Ext. 78491 HLH 305


B.Mus. students may register for a maximum of 6.25 credits per academic year; permission to exceed this maximum may be requested from the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in special circumstances such as when a student is registered for the "double credit" applied study (MUSC x20/x25).


  • An asterisk (*) indicates that a course carries a 0.5 credit weight; courses without the asterisk carry a 1.0 credit weight.
  • Descriptions of courses as well as a list of courses being offered in the current academic year can be found on the Music Courses page.

Recommended Plans of Study

Recommended plans of study are available for the B.Mus. and B.Mus./B.Ed. students.