Requirements for Admission

All students wishing to apply to the Bachelor of Music degree program must successfully meet the admission requirements of both Queen's School of Music and Queen's University. Applicants to the concurrent B.Mus./B.Ed. program are also evaluated by the Faculty of Education, which assesses the applicant's Personal Statement of Experience.

Information on the academic requirements for admission into Queen's University can be obtained from the Queen's Admissions website.

In addition, to enter the B.Mus. programQueen's School of Music requires that applicants meet the following Royal Conservatory of Music standards of playing and theoretical knowledge:

  • Piano: Grade 9 RCM, and Advanced Rudiments (Grade 2 RCM or Theory 4 Conservatory Canada) or equivalent
  • Organ: Grade 8 RCM, as well as Grade 8 Piano (RCM), and Advanced Rudiments (Grade 2 RCM or Theory 4 Conservatory Canada) or equivalent
  • Other Instruments and Voice: Grade 8 RCM, as well as Advanced Rudiments (Grade 2 RCM or Theory 4 Conservatory Canada) or equivalent

Here's a list of sample audition repertoire equivalent to the required levels.


How to Apply

Step One: Application to Queen's University

Detailed information on applying to Queen's University through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) is available on the Queen's Admissions website. All applicants to the B.Mus./B.Ed. program must complete the Personal Statement of Experience (PSE). PSEs are available online and must be completed online by February 15, 2016 (or prior to your audition day if it's in February).

Step Two: Audition

Audition Dates 2016:

  • Saturday, February 27
  • Saturday, March 5
  • Saturday, March 19
  • Saturday, April 9

All candidates for admission into the B.Mus. program (including concurrent B.Mus./B.Ed. applicants) will be invited to come to Queen's for an audition and interview, at which time they will have an opportunity to meet faculty and students, and to ask questions about the program. Audition days are held on several Saturdays during February, March and April.

A non-refundable audition fee of $50.00 must be submitted to Queen's Music, and the PSE (for ConEd) must be completed online by February 15, 2016 (or prior to your audition day if it's in February).

Candidates living beyond a 500 km radius from Kingston may make arrangements to submit an authenticated recorded audition (CD or DVD). Your recorded audition must be received by Queen's Music by March 1, 2016 for B.Mus./B.Ed. and April 1, 2016 for B.Mus. It may be possible to arrange an audition at a local festival, if the adjudicator is a member of the Faculty from  Queen's Music. Be sure to make arrangements in advance by contacting  Queen's Music.

Audition Requirements

  • Candidates should prepare a 15-minute audition consisting of two to three works of contrasting style/period (at the minimum admission level for the instrument described above) that demonstrate their technical skill and musical understanding. A list of sample audition repertoire is available.
  • Candidates normally audition on one instrument, but may request a second audition if they play/sing at an equivalent level on another instrument.
  • Candidates may bring their own accompanist or may arrange for one to be provided by the School of Music for a fee of $56.50. In the latter case, copies (not faxed) of your repertoire for the accompanist should be received two weeks before your audition. For voice students, please identify the key in which you will be singing individual selections and provide music for the accompanist in the same key in which you are singing.
  • Candidates will also be required to take an aural perception test and to write a brief theory (rudiments) test on the audition day. The ear test includes intervals, simple melody identification and elementary melodic dictation. The theory rudiments test includes key signatures, scales, intervals, and the appropriate grouping of notes and rests in different time signatures.
  • The last step in the audition process is a brief meeting with a member of the faculty who will answer questions and provide additional information.