Queen's Brain Bee 2013

International Brain Bee

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  • Win

    • 1st Prize:$3,000 (USD)
    • 2nd Prize:$2,000 (USD)
    • 3rd Prize:$1,000 (USD)

  • Who

    Students from over 30 different countries compete

  • When

    TBA 2014

  • Where

    Hawaii, USA or Vienna, Austria (travel cost will be covered!)

  • What

    Students from around the world come to compete in the International Brain Bee. This competition involve neuroanatomy laboratory tests with human brains, neurohistology tests with microscopes, patient diagnosis with actors, and MRI brain imaging analysis.

Brain Bee Picture
  • How to Study

    If the winner of the National Brain Bee is from Kingston then they will continue to be coached and supported by neuroscience students from Queen's University. These volunteers will again help the national winner study, understand the materials, and practice for the International Brain Bee!

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