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Queen's Alumni Review: About Us

  • Queen's Alumni Review (est. 1927) is the magazine of the Queen’s University Alumni Association.
  • Published quarterly (February, May, August and November), with hard copies distributed free of charge to alumni, friends of the University, and to campus departments.
  • Our homepage is accessible via the Internet at http://www.queensu.ca/news/alumnireview
  • The Review is a member of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education.
  • Subscriptions for non-alumni are $25/year.
  • The Review is printed and bound by Dollco Printing, Ottawa, ON.
  • Opinions expressed in the Review are not necessarily those of the Alumni Association or of Queen's University.

Hard copy circulation 121,000

  • Canadian mailing: 108,500
  • U.S.: 7,000
  • International: 3,600
  • Campus: 2,000

Online edition

  • 2,700

E-Notification of Online Issue

If you would like to be notified when a new issue of the Review has been posted online, please e-mail review@queensu.ca to make your request.

Please note that the online issue of the Review will be updated more often than just with every printed issue, so keep coming back for more news and spotlights!

Editorial Excellence

For the past 88 years, the Review has published the writings of some of Canada’s best and most accomplished writers.

Writers' Guidelines

Keeping in Touch notes and photos

We welcome Keeping in Touch notes -- job news, births, deaths, marriages, news of recent honours and publications, and just about any other announcements that you think that your classmates, former professors, and friends would be interested in reading.

We also publish photos of new additions to your family (don't be shy, mom or dad . . . get in the picture with your newborn), wedding photos, retirement party photos, etc.

As has always been the case, there's no charge for the Keeping in Touch notes or photos we publish.

Please be advised that all notes are subject to editing for style, content, and length.

You can e-mail review@queensu.ca with notes, photos, or questions.

Does the Review pay for articles?

Yes. We pay upon publication. Rates vary, please contact the editor for details.

Who reads the magazine, and how often does it appear?

The magazine is published four times each year-in February, May, August, and November-and is mailed to about 121,000 readers worldwide. Alumni make up about 90 percent of the total circulation. The balance includes faculty, staff, and other friends of the University. Review readers are bright, curious, and critical, and their ranks include experts on just about every subject you can think of. However, articles are written for the intelligent layperson.

How can I get a sample copy of the magazine?

PDF files of recent issues of the magazine are available through the "Back Issues" pages of our on-line magazine. For hard copies, please send an e-mail to review@queensu.ca.

What makes a good Review article?

Each story in the magazine must have a connection to Queen's University, whether explicit or indirect. That said, our scope is wide.

In our features section, we deal with timely topics of broad interest to the Queen's community. We also profile alumni who've gone on to interesting adventures or to remarkable achievements.

We report on books by Queen's authors - alumni and faculty alik -- though we gebnerally do not review books.

We print news of research and other campus developments, and we also chronicle major events on campus.

In each issue, we publish a first-person essay or column by an alumnus, faculty member, or staff person.

Our Keeping in Touch section includes Special Note articles on interesting alumni.

Our feature articles generally range between 1,000 and 3,500 words. Our columns are 650-700 words, as are our Alumni Spotlights. Special Notes range between 200-500 words.

How do I submit story ideas to the magazine?

The best way to reach us is by e-mail. Send query letters to review@queensu.ca. Otherwise you can write a snail mail letter to: Editor, Queen's Alumni Review, Department of Marketing, Queen's University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6.

We consider all queries, but the best ones are both brief and specific. Include salient details of your proposed subject and explain why the story is ideal for the Review. Give us your sense of the story's overall length and flow. Pieces submitted on spec should be no longer than 700 words.

If you have not written for the Review before, please tell us a little about yourself: describe your previous freelance experience and enclose a copy of your resume along with three to five published clips. We look for writers who not only demonstrate professionalism and rigorous reporting skills but also write with style and flair.

What happens once a story is assigned?

The editors work with writers to set deadlines, determine the word count, and hammer out central themes. While features may take a month, or several, to write, department stories are usually due three or four weeks after they're assigned.

We ask our writers to fact-check their articles before turning them in. Once an article is submitted, we edit it and may ask the writer to make revisions, answer content questions, or even to do additional research - before a final draft is approved.

How do writers get paid?

The Review pays upon publication. About 10 business days before press date, writers submit an invoice, which should include contact information, a social insurance number, and specifics of the article assignment (Issue number, word count, deadline, etc.)


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