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All aboard for improved city transit

Kingston Transit has announced ambitious plans to improve bus servce in the city.

Kingston Transit (KT) has unveiled an ambitious new transit plan that will revamp its bus routes to better serve ­local commuters – Queen’s students, faculty, and staff ­included.

“If our direct competition is the automobile, we asked ourselves what we could do to make sure we’re providing a competitive option,” says Jeremy DaCosta, Com’01, KT’s Transit Manager.

 Ian Semple, Sc’01, MPL’09, KT’s Transportation Project Manager (left), and Jeremy DaCosta, Com’01, Transit Manager, Ian Semple, Sc’01, MPL’09, KT’s Transportation Project Manager (left), and Jeremy DaCosta, Com’01, Transit Manager. (Photo by Ying Gilbert)

The redevelopment plan, more than three years in the making, includes introducing three new express bus routes that will operate on a 15-minute frequency during peak times, revamping the existing bus routes to increase reliability, and significant new investment in technology and ­infrastructure.

Phase One of the plan, to be rolled out in September, will see a direct, high-frequency commuter service introduced from the city’s west end to the downtown and ­campus. Phase Two, to be implemented in mid-2015, will add two more express routes.

The operating program of KT’s old transit system was ­often criticized by students for being slow and inefficient. Says Seema Surani, Artsci ’13, “There have been many ­occasions when I’ve asked a friend for a drive to campus because the bus stops at so many places along its route that it takes forever to get here.”

KT has an agreement with the Alma Mater Society (AMS) and the Society for Graduate and Professional ­Students (SGPS) that provides students with unlimited transit use for a fixed fee that’s collected as part of the student fees to the University.

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