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Alumni books out now: April 2012

GRACE LI XIU WOO, Arts'70, has published Ghost Dancing with Colonialism: Decolonization and Indigenous Rights at the Supreme Court of Canada (UBC Press, $34.95), which asks the question, why are the on-going tensions between the original nations and Canada so difficult to resolve? This book is an unprecedented critique of Supreme Court of Canada reasoning that suggests that our problems are not just about sharing land and resources. There are fundamental differences in our understanding of history, philosophy and social order. Written for general as well as specialist readers, the book uses cognitive theory to explain the persistence of social paradigms that have been formally discredited. It also provides a uniquely Canadian perspective on legal history. Tracing the roots of colonialism from Roman times to its formal rejection by international law, it identifies two conflicting concepts of legality: one based on egalitarian political rights, the other on the use of force. Its check-list to distinguish colonial from post-colonial practice makes it possible to assess any institution and its minute dissection of Supreme Court reasoning explains why so many Indigenous commentators are frustrated by judgments that have been celebrated for advancing Indigenous rights.


MARC ROUSSEL, Artsci'88 (MSc and PhD, Toronto), a professor of chemistry at the University of Lethbridge, has published A Life Scientist's Guide to Physical Chemistry (Cambridge University Press). This new textbook demonstrates how the tools of physical chemistry can be used to illuminate biological questions. It clearly explains key principles and their relevance to life science students, using only the most straightforward and relevant mathematical tools. 350+ exercises are spread throughout the chapters, covering a wide range of biological applications and explaining issues that students often find challenging. Over 130 worked examples, many deriving directly from the life sciences, help students connect principles and theories to their own laboratory studies. Answers to all exercises are included in the book. Fully worked solutions and answers to the end-of-term review problems, password-protected for instructors, are available at www.cambridge.org/roussel.

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