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Alumni books out now: February 2012

REZA HAZMATH, Arts’00, has published The Ethnic Penalty: Immigration, Education and the Labour Market.  The book suggests that a penalty has impeded the occupational success of visible ethnic minorities during the job search, hiring and promotion process. It examines whether factors such as discrimination, an individual's social network, a firm's working culture, and a community's social trust are factors behind this apparent penalty; whilst making suggestions for improving the integration, education delivery, and labour market outcomes of ethnic minorities.  The author is a sociologist at the University of Melbourne.


ROSS MCKITRICK, Artsci'88 (MA and PhD, UBC), a professor of economics at the University of Guelph, has published Economic Analysis of Economic Policy. He previously co-wrote Taken by Storm, which won a Donner Prize. The author is the grandson of Dr. M.N.Omond, who was Chaplain at Queen's before he went overseas to serve in World War 1. His grandmother Olga Harvey Omond, BA, his mother Sheila Omond McKitrick, BA, BSW, and his sister Kristy McKitrick, BA, BEd also graduated from Queen's. Please visit Dr. McKitrick's website to view more of his publications.

SARAH TUN (known as Anne Ross) Arts’82, Ed’82 has authored FREE TO BE: Defeating Insecurity, Transforming Relationships, Building Character (Essence Publishing 2012, $18.95) Born to be emotionally secure, we suffer setbacks that create anxiety, fear and shame. But through reflection, exposure to Biblical scripture and a change of attitude toward ourselves and others, we can regain the confidence and the freedom to be just how – and who – we were created to be.

STEPHEN PERRY, Sc’82, has co-authored Canadian Patent Law (LexisNexis Butterworths, $245), with his colleague Andrew Currier. This is the first modern Canadian work on patents that has been penned by patent prosecutors, rather than patent litigators or legal academics. Stephen is a founding partner of PCK (www.pckip.com), which provides patent and trademark agency services through Perry + Currier Inc. and legal services relating to the commercialization and enforcement of IP assets through Currier + Kao, LLP. Stephen lives in Toronto with his wife, Elizabeth Barr, and their youngest son, James. Their eldest son Nicholas is in his first year at Queen’s.

 DON SCHWEITZER, MDiv'82, has published his fourth book, The United Church of Canada: A History (Wilfred Laurier University Press $39.95). The book assembles an excellent group of Canadian scholars to recount and analyze the history of Canada's largest protestant denomination and its engagement with issues of Canadian social dynamics and private morality. The chapters both follow the church chronologically from 1925 and also focus in on six major themes such as: 'United Church Mission Goals and First Nations People', 'A Look at Ministry' and 'Jews and Palestinians: An Unresolved Conflict in the United Church Mind'. The book explores the unique ecumenical project that is the UCC and also confronts its key movements, conversations, and contributions in the story of Canadian politics and religious history. It shows a church shaped by both its Christian faith and its engagement with the changing society of Canada.

 ALASDAIR ROBERTS, Artsci'88, has published America's First Great Depression: Economic Crisis and Political Disorder After the Panic of 1837 (Cornell University Press, $26). In this book, Alasdair reveals how this disaster led to epochal shifts in policy and culture, and is especially keen to demonstrate how this mid-19th century ordeal relates to America’s current woes. Alasdair is a professor at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, U.S.

SUE DONALDSON, Artsci'84, and WILL KYMLICKA, Artsci'84 and professor of philosophy at Queen's, have written Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights (Oxford University Press). The book offers a new direction for the animal rights debate by building on recent developments in the political theory of group-differentiated citizenship and considering the ways in which different human and animal communities are inextricably bound in a complex web of social and political relationships.


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