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Alumni books out now: May 2012

Shades of Teale coverSUSAN CROSSMAN, Artsci’82, has written Shades of Teale (Manor House, $19.95), a novel that tells the story of a woman who begins her first marriage floating on the naïve but pretty delusion that her husband is a genius, wedded life is bliss and marriage is forever. Is any of that true? Teale Covey brings an ironic candor to her search for the facts!

Susan is a Toronto-based freelance writer whose newsletter, speech and press materials grace the online pages of numerous national and international organizations, and whose creative non-fiction appears, occasionally, in the Facts and Arguments section of The Globe and Mail.




[McKercher book cover]IAN MCKERCHER, Arts'69, Ed'69, has just published The Underling, a work of fiction woven loosely around historical events and personalities involved with the set up of the Bank of Canada in 1934. The main character is seventeen-year-old Frances McFadden who leaves high school to take on a secretarial role at the newly constituted Bank. Like many hard-working women of her generation, she comes to wield tremendous power within the bureaucracy without any of the trappings of authority. The novel is a tribute to the Bank's emergence on the world stage as World War II looms and a recognition of the unheralded women who contributed to its rise. The Underling can be ordered from Chapters and Amazon. It is available in Ottawa bookstores as well as in Kindle, Kobo, iBook and Nook electronic formats.



ALLAN G. HEDBERG, PhD'69, has authored his fifth book, Achieving and Living a Healthy Lifestyle in a World of Stress (www.AuthorHouse.com, $20.00 pb; $3.99 e-book). The book was written for those interested in improving their own personal health status, for health care professionals guiding others in their personal health care, and for health care students learning to guide the health status and lifestyle of their future patients. By utilizing the principles and suggestions for living a healthy lifestyle, and thereby reducing medical costs, the reader will gain much medical and mental health benefit. Dr. Hedberg is now in his 43rd year of clinical practice as a psychologist in Fresno, California.





DANIEL GRIFFIN, Artsci'94, Ed'95, has published his first book, Stopping for Strangers (Vehicule Press, $18.95) to critical acclaim. Stopping for Strangers is a collection of dark yet uplifting short stories that detail the lives of artists, lovers, brothers, and strangers, and acutely probe love and loss, men and women together, and the family ties that bind. A father renews an old artistic rivalry with his dying son; a raucous family gathering ends in tragedy; a quick stop to pick up a hitchhiker begins a chain of events that changes a man’s life. Daniel's tales journey to the heart of what matters in the tangled lives of people on the edge of crisis. Daniel's story, The Last Great works of Alvin Cale, was a finalist for the Journey Prize in 2009. His stories have appeared in publications such as Prairie Fire, Antigonish Review, Geist, and The New Quarterly. Daniel comes from a family of Queen's alumni (his father Malcolm is also an emeritus professor of mathematics at Queen's). He now lives in Victoria, BC.


CYRIL DABYDEEN, MA'74, MPA'75, has published The Short Stories of Cyril Dabydeen. This collection, published under the Guyana Classics Series, brings together a selection of Cyril’s short stories written primarily in the 1970s and 1980s.They are arranged in two parts, capturing a chronological movement that moves in setting and action to capture a geographical or diasporic odyssey that mirrors Cyril’s migration from Guyana to Canada, and his real and mythical forays into India. Cyril, a professor of creative writing at the University of Ottawa, is a prolific author of poetry and prose. His work has been included in numerous anthologies published in Canada, the U.S.A., the U.K., India and New Zealand.




FILIP PALDA, Artsci'83, MA'84, has published Pareto's Republic and the New Science of Peace (Cooper Wolfling, $19.95). In this ground-breaking book, Filip explains in a clear and engaging manner for non-experts and economists alike why economics is the science of peace and prosperity and why these twin goals of every society are based on Pareto efficiency. This is the first guide for the layperson to understanding how politics and economics unite to give us the recipe for success and to provide the warning signs of disaster. Every page provides rich insights into the economics of taxation, the economics of politics (so called Public Choice theory), game theory, and many other parts of economics and delves into important historical episodes to illustrate why Pareto efficiency is the only feasible route to peace and prosperity. The book is intended for anyone with an interest in understanding economics. Filip notes that he "wrote the book with a great deal of help and inspiration from professor Dan Usher in the economics department and the book is a culmination of things he taught me at Queen's 30 years ago."


Cover imageKATHERINE CRAIG, Ed'83, has written Power Tools for Leadership Success (Dog Ear Publishing, $14.95), a book that expands on her exciting work as a leading-edge business coach. The book delivers key tips and a wealth of tools that will fuel your success as a leader: learn how to handle a crisis with calm; learn how to run a retreat that will make your team the envy of the organization; learn how to lead with confidence. Quick and concise, Power Tools for Leadership Success is the ultimate resource for executives, no matter where they are in the leadership journey. Whether you’re up-and-coming or trying to re-energize your team, you’ll find this manual contains powerful tools you need to build your leadership skills.



Bryan Pearson coverBRYAN PEARSON, Artsci'86, MBA'88, has published The Loyalty Leap (Penguin, $30.00), which shows readers how to build unwavering consumer loyalty needed for long-term relationships and how to do so without infringing on the privacy of their consumers.Supplemented with compelling corporate stories and the results from an extensive 2011 consumer survey, the book provides a snapshot of consumer attitudes about privacy and the use of personal information for marketing and business purposes. Bryan Pearson is the president and CEO of LoyaltyOne Inc. He leads all of the enterprises organized by Alliance Data under the LoyaltyOne umbrella: LoyaltyOne Consulting, the AIR MILES Reward Program, COLLOQUY, Direct Antidote, and Precima. He regularly speaks at industry events and is widely regarded as an expert in his field. He lives in Toronto.



SHEILA STEWART, Artsci'82, Ed'85, has published her second collection of poems, The Shape of a Throat ($14.95, Signature Editions), a body of work that transports the reader along High Park trails and communicates carefully observe scenes in Toronto subways and cafés. Sheila's lyrical command creates a space for the reader to meditate on the longing inherent in the relationships between self and other people and between self and nature. Sheila's work has been recognized by numerous literary awards including the GritLit Poetry Competition, Scarborough Arts Council, Pottersfield Portfolio Short Poem Competition, Dan Sullivan Memorial Prize, and the Ray Burrell Award for Poetry. She has been widely published in such journals as The Malahat Review, The Antigonish Review, Grain, Descant, and The New Quarterly.




CURTIS PARKINSON, Sc'48, has written Man Overboard! (Tundra Books, $11.99). During World War II, a German agent landed in Canada from a U-boat. Curtis has used this true historical event to tell a fast-paced, exciting story that combines history with high-adventure. Sixteen-year-old Scott and his friend Adam find summer jobs as deckhands on the Rapids Prince, a ship that plies the waters between the town of Prescott, on the St. Lawrence River, and Montreal. Scott overhears convincing information that a German agent is actually on board the boat. He has a good reason for not telling anybody, but his silence eventually leads him into more trouble than he can imagine, including a possible murder and a kidnapping. It is up to the boys to expose the agent in order to save the Rapids Prince and the innocent passengers on board. Curtis grew up in Kingston, Ontario. After working as a chemical engineer for many years he moved to the Caribbean to live on a sailboat and write. Storm Blast, his first novel, is set in the Caribbean. His knowledge about sailing and the Great Lakes has been the basis for several of his highly acclaimed novels for young adults.


MIKE ARSENAULT, Artsci'07, is the author of 60'6": Balls, Strikes, and Baseball Mortality (General Store Publishing House, $19.95). The book follows Gord Mattis and his teammates as they try to maintain their sanity in the pressure cooker that is life in the minors. Gord has always wanted to play baseball, ever since he was a child; but it was not as easy for him as it was for his friend Danny Johnson, a brash, eighteen-year-old fireballer, who was a natural at the game. Gord fought through nightmares and heavy exacting training to get into the minors and stay there--for a time. When he meets the love of his life, another dimension is added to his hectic and unpredictable existence. Mike played semi-professional baseball for the London Majors of the Intercounty Baseball League. He learned to play the game from an early age growing up in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. A southpaw, Mike played on the varsity baseball team at both Queen’s and Durham College and was named pitcher of the year three times in five years. Currently, he works as a freelance reporter/photographer and television host. He also hosts a sports/pop culture podcast and has a few acting credits under his belt. This is his first novel.

[Weisberg book cover]MARK WEISBERG, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Law, is the co-author, with Jean Koh Peters (Yale Law School), of A Teacher’s Reflection Book: Exercises, Stories, Invitations (Carolina Academic Press, $30). In university teachers’ hectic lives, finding space to reflect, renew, and recommit can seem impossible. The authors believe regular reflection is critical. The book builds on their experience facilitating retreats and leading teaching and learning workshops, supporting and promoting teachers’ self-directed development. Two years ago, Prof. Weisberg received the Chancellor Charles A. Baillie Award for his contributions to the quality of student learning at Queen’s.

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