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Peter Bearse, Artsci’06, Ed’07, NSc’11, is very passionate about Queen’s football. On game day, you can always find him at Richardson Stadium in his Queen’s jersey, helmet and shoulder pads.

What’s so unusual about that?

He’s not a player.

Peter Bearse, Super fan (Photo: Jeff Chan)

Peter is well known at the games as the Queen’s super fan. It looks like his Queen’s pride exploded all over his wardrobe. He is decked out in tricolour – including spiked shoulder pads, cape, face paint, Gaels jersey, and football helmet with an attached feathered Mohawk.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s a chance to dress up and be crazy and have people point and smile and be happy about Queen’s. It’s my way to rally and support the team,” says Peter, who is a registered nurse at KFL&A Public Health when he is not at football games.

Queen’s football has always been a part of his life. Peter grew up in Kingston and could see Richardson Stadium from his backyard. On game days, he could hear the cheering crowd and see tricolour-dressed fans walk past his house.

“Our family bleeds tricolour,” says Peter’s wife, Kate, who works in Queen’s Alumni Relations department and is used to him getting a lot of attention when they attend games. “Peter is an overachiever in every sense of the word.”

When he went to his first game during Frosh Week in 2002 with friend Ian Everdell, Artsci’06, MSc’09, they both dressed up. They were a “super fan duo” for years until Ian moved out west in 2009. Peter carried on as a solo act.

He likes pumping up the crowd. It’s not unusual for fans passing by to give him high fives and say, “You are awesome!” Some people get their pictures taken with him. And when games are televised, you will sometimes see the camera move to him before commercial breaks.

Peter has been dressing up for more than a decade now and has no plans to stop.

“It’s still fun. I am going to keep doing this as long as I can,” he says.


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