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On the fast track to medical school

Out of the initial group of 200 applicants, 10 students were chosen for admittance to the QuARMS

For Christina Huang, gaining admittance to the unique new program of study that’s being offered at Queen’s is “a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Her classmate Lauren Chan shouted with joy when she learned she’d been admitted. Since she was taking part in a model United Nations conference at the time, her outburst brought a security guard running. 

Huang and Chan are among a select group of 10 first-year students who have been admitted into the Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS).

The University has launched this innovative academic program, which allows students who have been nominated for the prestigious Chancellor’s Scholarship to enter medical school after only two years of undergraduate study. QuARMS is the only program of its kind in Canada.

Out of the initial group of 200 applications, 10 students
were chosen for admittance to QuARMS. 

“Students are encouraged to take a variety of different subjects during the first two years,” says Dr. Richard Reznick, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences. “We started the program with great optimism, and it’s going very well so far.”

More than 500 students expressed interest, and 200 were invited to submit supplementary applications. Out of this group, 40 students were interviewed, and 10 were admitted to the program. After completing two years at the undergrad level, these students will automatically enter medical school.

Reznick notes that there are many schools around the globe, especially in South Asia, where ­students receive their medical degree in six years. That is two years less than the norm in Canada.

Students in the QuARMS are encouraged to pursue extracurricular activities and to take any courses they wish to take at the undergrad level, aside from the compulsory enrichment modules. 

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