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A need for informed, contrary voices?

Guelph, ON, reader John Buttars, Arts’65, MDiv’70, feels that war represents a failure of human imagination and peace-building.

Re: “The real lessons of Afghanistan?”
Issue #4-2010


Soldier in Afghanistan

I appreciated reading the article for its direct experience of Canadian involvement in Afghanistan and one person’s considered reflections. I take a different view from Scott Kemp’s harsh judgment of pacifists, however. I view them like the official opposition in Parliament, necessary to help keep the government honest.

War is always, from my perspective, a failure of human imagination and skill in peace-building. The last 100 years with its holocaust of young men in uniform—a hundred million is one figure I have read—who have died or been maimed stands as a severe judgment on the ability of war to make peace, let alone a just peace. I recognize the need for men and women who are prepared to wear their country’s uniform, but also the need for informed challenges from contrary voices.


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