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The badge of STS-134, the final mission of space shuttle Endeavour
Endeavour liftoff, May 16, Cape Canaveral, FL
Ari, Indira, and Aden Feustel watch the launch
Aden, Indira, and Ari Feustel in their STS 134 shirts
Drew Feustel packed a Queen's t-shirt for the flight
Drew in his Queen's t-shirt
STS-134 mission specialists Mike Fincke and Drew Feustel
Drew on his first spacewalk of the mission
Drew re-entering the International Space Station after a spacewalk

Drew Feustel, PhD’95,is halfway through his 16-day mission on the International Space Station (ISS). Drew is one of six crew members on the last mission of NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour. Endeavour launched on May 16, taking an Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and a pallet loaded with spare parts to the the ISS. Before his trip, Drew was given a Queen’s t-shirt by the Queen’s Office of Advancement, which he has sported during some of his downtime on the mission. Drew is the lead spacewalker on this mission, working on three of the four spacewalks around the ISS. The two-man spacewalks can take up to seven hours. On their walks, Drew and his colleagues repair and install equipment. On their third walk of the mission on Wednesday, Drew and fellow mission specialist Mike Fincke installed a power grapple fixture to Zarya, a Russian-built module of the station. The fixture will allow the station’s robotic arm to ‘walk’ to Zarya.

You can follow Endeavour’s final mission on www.nasa.gov

[photo of Mike Fincke and Drew Feustel in space]

Mission specialists Mike Fincke (l) and Drew Feustel at the ISS.

Photos of the Feustel family courtesy of Indira Feustel.
Endeavour and Space Station photos courtesy of NASA.

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