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Shyness and introversion unrelated

Toronto resident David Kister, Sc’69, points out that the heading on an article in Issue #2-2011 was misleading.

Re: “Speaking up for shy people,” Issue #2-2011, p. 16

The headline in question is "Speaking up for shy people". The body of the article does not support such a headline, in fact it is unrelated. Andrina Lewis described herself as an introvert, not as being shy. The two states are completely unrelated. Introversion is about where one draws their energy from a need for introspection, sober second thought rather than reacting, and so on. Shyness has to do with difficulty in meeting people. At a minimum the headline is an unfair representation of Lewis, at worst it provides wrong information as fact. I would have hoped that a publication from Queen's would have screened for such an error.

I can but hope that a clarification will appear in the next issue with equal or greater prominence.

Queen's Alumni Review, 2011 Issue #3Queen's Alumni Review
2011 Issue #3
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