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The QUAA offers you options to connect with other alumni – on campus, in your community, and online.

[photo of Jess Joss]Jess Joss

As I write this article it is a balmy 26 C on a beautiful, sunny, summer-like day in Toronto ... and it’s still springtime! However, what this weather does remind me of is that another school year is over, exams are done, the trees are in bloom, spring convocation ceremonies are underway in Grant Hall, and Queen’s MiniU and Spring Reunion are all set to go.

Each of my five years at Queen’s I was in Kingston for the spring term, and that was a treat. The experience provided me with a whole new perspective on campus and on Kingston. Campus was calmer, less hectic, and because people had shed their winter garb, life was less restrained, more carefree. And Kingston was even more inviting than it is in the fall, with the farmers’ markets, restaurant patios open, flowers in bloom, and the waterfront bustling with boats and no end of activities.

Miss the feel of campus in Spring? Never spent a summer in Kingston, but wish you had? Come back! Why not enjoy the best of Queen’s, without exams to worry about?

Queen’s MiniU (May 25-27) is a fun-filled weekend that features lectures, field trips, and a ceilidh. Like tapas, you can create a menu that caters to your personal tastes, while reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. And there is an option to stay in residence – but not the residences that many of us remember – these ones have double beds, and adjoining bathrooms.

This is an opportunity for lifelong learning through our alma mater. Queen’s MiniU is a premier event that helps alumni engage with the life and work of the University, all without having to hand in a paper or write an exam at the end.

[photo of participants at Queen's MiniU]Hands-on learning opportunities at Queen's MiniU

If you aren’t able to attend Queen’s MiniU, fear not. There are other occasions to connect with fellow alumni and individuals from the University. In key regions globally there are QUAA Branches, which hold regular events. Connect with alumni in your area: Queen's Alumni Branches.

If there isn’t a Branch in your region, and you’re interested in volunteering, let’s chat about the opportunity.

And don’t forget to mark your calendar this fall for Alumni Volunteer Summit and Gala Awards, taking place in Kingston October 12-13. This weekend will provide an opportunity to learn more about your QUAA, to enjoy interesting and informative sessions, and to attend the Alumni Achievement Awards, to be inspired by the accomplishments of your fellow graduates.

Engaging with alumni is a priority for the QUAA Board and volunteers. We hope to see you at Queen’s MiniU and Alumni Volunteer Summit, as well as various Branch events, but you can also connect online. Each established Branch has a webpage, as does the QUAA Board.

But you can also Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

We are your Alumni Association and we look forward to connecting with you.

Cha Gheill!

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