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Trustees and “Artsci”s

Waterloo, ON, reader Chris Redmond, Arts’71, has some questions about the proposed changes to the Board of Trustees.

I suspect I'm coming late to the conversation, but I am more than a little uneasy about the proposal to change the composition of the Board of Trustees so that there will no longer be any members elected by the graduates of Queen's. Surely of all the constituencies that might be involved, the alumni are the ones with the most important claim to a role in directing the University's future. No doubt this point has been considered, but I have not seen the explanations and assurances that I would like to see accompany such a dramatic change.

On a more minor note, in the Fall issue of the Review are a couple of references to a couple of alumni as being members of “Artsci’66” and “Artsci’68”. Up to the early 1970s, Class years in the Faculty of Arts and Science were simply “Arts”. The term “Artsci” was introduced just before Orientation Week in 1970, when somebody invented the new word. It was endorsed by the leadership of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society and its Orientation committee, and it was adopted for the arriving class, Artsci’74, and subsequent years.

I seem to remember a meeting of Orientation group leaders (were they Vigs or Gaels that year?) in Auditorium D at Stirling Hall, probably the day before the frosh arrived, at which the new label was hurriedly explained.

Chris Redmond, Arts’71
Waterloo, Ontario

University Secretary Georgina Moore replies: “Queen's alumni will still play an important role in shaping the University's future. Trustees will no longer be elected in the Graduate and Benefactor categories; however, Queen's graduates--elected University Councillors--will continue to elect six trustees to the Board. So, at least six of 25 will be graduates and most likely a good number of the 10 trustees elected by the Board will also be graduates, as well as the ex-officio members (current Principal and Chancellor are Artsci'80 and Arts '65) and possibly the staff and the faculty.

“A Queen's education prepares the types of leaders and citizens that any institution would be proud to recruit to its Board. The graphic below illustrates at a glance the changes that are under way.

Board of Trustees

Elected/Appointed By     Now       Future
Ex officio                         3             3
The Board                      15           10
The Graduates                 6             0
The University Council      6             6
The Benefactors               7             0
The Theological College    1             0
The Students                   2             2
The Faculty                     2             2
The Staff                         2             2
TOTAL:                         44           25

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