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The insider's guide to Queen's MiniU: top picks


Need help choosing your schedule for MiniU 2009? Ask the experts. In the Gazette’s insider’s guide to MiniU, the people who help to put together the weekend tell us where they’d like to be Friday, May 22 through Sunday, May 24.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre tour (Friday afternoon)

“Because of the pressures associated with my job I haven’t had sufficient time to keep up with current exhibits in this jewel of Queen’s and Kingston.”

– Principal Tom Williams

Tour of Queen’s Archives with Gillian Barlow (Friday afternoon)

“The Archives are full of fascinating things. The guide did an excellent job of leading us through it. We could have spent the whole day on the tour.”

– Bob Pritchard, director, Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA)

What’s the Matter with our Universe? Queen’s observatory open house, with Stephane Courteau (Friday evening)

“I’ve always been quite fascinated with astronomy and the physics of the universe despite my lack of anyformal training in the area, so this open house has a special attraction for me.”

– Principal-Elect Daniel Woolf

“I have a quiet fascination with astronomy and telescopes and am eager to learn on the topic so I can share it with my children.”

– QUAA President Sarah Renaud

Patient simulation lab session with Bob McGraw (Saturday morning)

“I had the opportunity to pop into one of the simulation sessions last year and it was absolutely amazing! The ‘patient’ (a simulator) who was experiencing cardiac pain, talked to session attendees, answered questions, reacted to the various stimuli in the room, etc. Watching the participants learn how to do chest compressions and ask relevant questions of their ‘patient’ and witnessing their fascinated expressions made me wish I could stay for the entire session and take part.”

– Alumni Officer Carey Morrison

Designing for abilities (Saturday morning)

“This hands-on session help us to understand the concept of Universal Design, in which common products are developed so that a majority of people can use them. This type of design is important for making a product accessible to the majority, and these principles are especially applicable as our population ages. Also, I am hoping some of the design theory I learn can be applied in my work life to help design more user-friendly websites and printed materials.”

– MiniU Co-VP Jess Joss

Creating a world without bullying, with Wendy Craig (Saturday morning)

“I would like the opportunity to learn how to help my children deal with bullying!”

– Alumni Officer – Reunions Penny Bagnell

Solar observing at the Queen’s Observatory – Where Queen’s Astronomers go to Observe, with James Silvester (Saturday afternoon)

“What an opportunity!! A close-up view of the sun.”

– Committee member at large Valerie Voight

Field Trip to Queen’s University Biological Station with Bruce Tufts (Saturday afternoon)

“This is an adventurous and great experiential option. We have a real gem at Lake Opinicon, and unless you were scooping fish or reptiles out of the water or up at the crack of dawn waiting for the birds, you would never know it.”

– Manager, Reunions & Events Judy Griffiths

Links BBQ luncheon (Saturday morning)

“The BBQ is a true link between MiniU, Spring Reunion, and the community. Queen’s Bands, the Boys and Girls Club choir, the Fort Henry Guard fife and drum band will all be there. There’s a kids area with face painting, a clown and a Fort Henry Muster parade, and there will be feature presentations by both the principal and the mayor.”

– Alumni Officer Terri Flindall

Why Sympathy for the Devil is the greatest rock’n’roll song ever, with Robb MacKay (Sunday morning)

“This is one of my favourite songs of all time. I’d be interested in hearing Robb’s insights as a musician and musicologist, about the song and its history. I was able to catch the beginning of his talk at last year’s MiniU – it was all about the social history of rock and punk music – I wish I could have stayed ‘til the end.”

– Marketing and Communications Officer Andrea Gunn

“I pick this because I love audacious claims, and this is surely one!”

– Associate Vice-Principal, Alumni Relations Judith Brown

Crazy math problem with Peter Taylor (Sunday morning)

With logic and number games such as Sudoku and Ken Ken in abundance, I am looking forward to what Professor Taylor has in store from his ‘crazy bag’ of math and statistics. I look forward to being surprised.”

– Alumni Officer, Branches Chauncey Kennedy

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