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December 19, 2013

William Flanagan (Law) – British Columbia approves law school with gay-sex ban, in the Globe and Mail.

John Andrew (School of Business, Urban and Regional Planning) – The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation produces a new report on the state of housing, on CTV News Channel; Brokers worry about 'exposure' Montreal board's decision to end ties with CREA contrary to trend in rest of Canada, in the Montreal Gazette.

October 15, 2013

David Gordon (School of Urban and Regional Planning) – Why we’re better off living in hyderdense cities built around mass transit, in the Globe and Mail.

Udo Schuklenk (Philosophy) – The B.C. Court of Appeal upholds federal ban on assisted suicide, on CTV News Channel; How reasonable is atheism, op-ed in the Jamaican Gleaner; why the assisted dying debate won’t go away, op-ed in the Kingston Whig Standard.

William Flanagan (Law) - Navigating an unequal tuition landscape, op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen.

Sheila Murray (Chair of the Dean’s Council) - Navigating an unequal tuition landscape, op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen.

Keith Banting (Policy Studies) - Western countries have varied approaches to religious diversity. Which can best inspire Quebec?, in the Ottawa Citizen and the Montreal Gazette.

Louis Delvoie (Centre for International and Defence Policy) – Lament for the nation of Pakistan, op-ed in the Kingston Whig Standard.

Jacalyn Duffin (School of Medicine) – Update on Canada’s critical prescription drug shortage, on CBC Radio’s White Coat, Black Art and also a guest blog on CBC on the same topic.

Ron Spronk (Art History) - World's most frequently stolen piece of art gets a facelift, on CBC Radio 1 and on cbc.ca.

John Pliniussen (School of Business) – Blackberry issues open letter to reassure the world it is business as usual, on CBC Radio Metro Morning.

October 9, 2013

John Smol (Biology) – Arctic climate’s last bastion succumbing to global warming, in the Globe and Mail, on CBC’s As It Happens, Zimbabwe Star, National Geographic, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Calgary Herald, Regina Leader Post and cbc.ca.

Warren Mabee (Policy Studies) – Enbridge proposes reversing the flow of oil in its pipeline from Sarnia to Montreal, on CBC’s Ontario Morning.

Brandon Tozzo (Political Studies) – Seven things you need to know about the U.S. budget crisis, in the Toronto Star.

Roel Vertegaal (School of Computing) – Curved smartphone screens may lead to fully flexible devices, in the Huffington Post.

William Flanagan (Law) – Queen’s law considers increasing enrolment, in The Precedent magazine.

October 1, 2012

William Flanagan (Law) – The American Bar Association’s task force on the future of legal education shined a light on the need for change, in Canadian Lawyer.

Ken Wong (School of Business) – How Dave Nichol revolutionized Canadian retail, in profitguide.com.

January 31, 2013

Barry Cross (School of Business) – The launch of RIM's Blackberry 10, on Global TV National. 

Houchang Hassan-Yari (Centre for International and Defence Policy) – Israel attacks an arms convoy near the Syrian border, on CTV News Channel. 

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) – Convicted spy Jeffrey Delisle to be sentenced in precedent-setting case, in the Toronto Sun, Vancouver 24 hours, Edmonton Sun, Calgary Sun, Winnipeg Sun, Ottawa Sun and more than 20 other Sun Media newspapers. 

Sidneyeve Matrix (Film and Media Studies) – Social media protestors crash 'cowboys and Indians' party, in the Toronto Star. 

John-Kurt Pliniussen (School of Business) – The launch of RIM's Blackberry 10, in the Toronto Star. 

William Flanagan (Law) – Trinity Western wants to be the first Canadian Christian university to open a law school, in the Vancouver Sun. 

Ken Wong (School of Business) – Super Bowl commercials cost a lot of money but can be very effective, on CKWS TV; op-ed on award-winning commercials that don't necessarily increase sales of the product, in Strategy magazine.

January 25, 2013

David McDonald (Global Development Studies) – Colonial powers still wield a lot of power over former African countries such as Mali, on CNN.com. 

Robert Wolfe (School of Policy Studies) – Canada should pursue a trade deal with the European Union sooner rather than later, in the Globe and Mail. 

William Flanagan (Law) – Trinity Western University is attempting to become the first Christian university to launch a law school, in the National Post. 

Gerald Evans (Infectious Diseases) – The ban is lifted on controversial bird flu research, on CTV News Channel.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) – North Korea may threaten the United States with missle attacks, on CTV News Channel. 

Wendy Craig (Psychology) – Bullying is causing harm to today's youth, on CKWS Television. 

Bev Baines (Law) – Recent decision by Supreme Court weakens the protections offered to niqab-wearing women, op-ed in Jurist.

January 24, 2013

Roel Vertegaal (School of Computing) – PaperTab could revolutionize computing, on Radio Canada International online.

William Flanagan (Law) – Trinity Western University plans to become the first Christian-based university in Canada to offer a law school, on CTV News Channel.

Warren Mabee (School of Policy Studies) – Nebraska approves the new Keystone XL pipeline route, on CTV News Channel.

Phil Giurlando (Political Studies) – England is considering dropping out of the European Union, on CTV News Channel.

Ken Wong (School of Business) – Canadian Tire digs deeper into amateur sport with sponsorship deal, in the Toronto Star.

John Pliniussen (School of Business) – It’s make or break time for RIM, in the Ottawa Citizen and Calgary Herald.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) – RCMP members in Algeria investigate if Canadians were involved in deadly attack, in the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Province, Montreal Gazette, Regina Leader Post, Saskatoon Star Phoenix and the Ottawa Citizen.

Jonathan Rose (Political Studies) – Did Theresa Spence’s hunger strike hurt or help the progress on aboriginal issues, in the Calgary Herald, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Nanaimo Daily News, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Province, Regina Leader Post, Ottawa Citizen and the Montreal Gazette.

Ajay Agarwal (School of Urban and Regional Planning) – Students see urban planning in action in India, in the Kingston Whig-Standard

January 22, 2013

Ned Franks (Political Studies) – Governor-General will not be included in any future First Nations policy discussions, in the National Post.

Nick Bala (Law) – Crown seeks adult sentence for 14-year-old charged with first-degree murder, in the National Post.

John Smol (Biology) – Climate assessment yields disturbing forecast for earth, in the Toronto Star.

Jeffrey Monaghan (Sociology) – Canada opened up military channels on Mali early last year, on Global Toronto, Macleans Magazine, Carstairs Courier, Estevan Mercury, Whistler Question, Squamish Chief, Global Winnipeg, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette and a number of other national daily newspapers.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) – Feds investigate Algerian claim of Canadians aiding in deadly gas plant attack, in the, Toronto Star, Global TV National, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Province, Vancouver Sun, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Regina Leader Post, Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal.

Kathy Brock (School of Policy Studies) – First Nations chief Shawn Atleo will be back on the job soon, in the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald.

Wagdy Loza (Psychiatry) – Why do Canadians get involved in terrorism, on Global Winnipeg.

William Flanagan (Law) – Trinity Western University is attempting to become the first Christian university to launch a law school, on CBC Radio (Vancouver).

January 21, 2012

Roel Vertegaal (School of Computing) – New paper-thin tablet on the way, in the British Computer Society and MSN Malaysia.

Ian Janssen (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies) – Exercise can prolong your life, in the examiner.com (California).

Chris Grooms (PEARL) – DDT blamed in chimney swift decline, in the Charleston Gazette, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

Nick Bala (Law) – Top court rejects battered woman’s claim she was under duress when she hired a hit man, in the Globe and Mail, Global TV National, Calgary Herald, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Vancouver Province, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Naniamo Daily News, Vancouver Sun, Regina Leader Post, Ottawa Citizen and the Roy Green Show (nationally syndicated radio).

William Flanagan (Law) – Canadian deans accused of anti-religious bias over attempt to block Christian law school, in the National Post.

David McDonald (Global Development Studies) – Did the Colonial powers ever really leave Africa, in the National Post.

Heather Stuart (Community Health and Epidemiology) – MP Terence Young warns that Canadians are blind to the dangers of prescription drugs, in the National Post.

Jonathan Rose (Political Studies) –Iran’s Press TV slams Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in the National Post.

Kathy Brock (Political Studies) – Five ideas to help Canada’s indigenous people in the Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Province, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Regina Leader Post, Montreal Gazette and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

Robert Morrison (English) – Pride and Prejudice celebrates 200th anniversary, in the Toronto Star.

Phil Jessop (Chemistry) – New approach to water desalination holds great potential, in the Toronto Star.

Jill Scott (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Did Lance Armstrong redeem or incriminate himself, on cbc.ca.

Steven Salterio (School of Business) – Judges and crown attorneys need to have more business knowledge, on the Roy Green Show (nationally syndicated radio).

Kim Sears (Nursing) – Pediatric medication mistakes continue to be a problem, on Telejournal Ontario (French CBC TV) and Radio CBC Radio Thunder Bay.

Louis Delvoie (Centre for International and Defence Policy) – Age of secularism vs. age of faith, op-ed in the Kingston Whig-Standard.

January 18, 2013

William Flanagan (Law) – Trinity Western University attempts to become the Canada's first religious university to launch a law school, in the National Post, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette and several other Postmedia newspapers, and CTV News Vancouver and Academica’s Top Ten. 

Nick Bala (Law) – The Supreme Court of Canada to make a ruling that will clarify the battered woman defence, in the Globe and Mail

David Murakami Wood (Sociology) – A class action lawsuit is filed over the government losing personal data of more than 500,000 students, on Global TV National. 

Kerim Ousman (Centre for International and Defence Policy) – Islamic rebels are on the attack in Mali and Algeria, on CTV News Channel. 

Dominik Barz (Chemical Engineering) – Problems with lithium ion batteries have grounded all Boeing 787 airplanes, in the Toronto Star. 

Kim Sears (Nursing) – Study showing medication errors have led to child fatalities, on CBC Radio's Ontario Morning, CBC.ca and Radio-Canada.ca. 

Jill Scott (Languages, Literatures, Cultures) – Cyclist Lance Armstrong admits and apologies about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning. 

Sidneyeve Matrix (Film and Media Studies) – Notre Dame football player's dead girlfriend story was an online hoax, on CKNW (Vancouver radio).


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