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2006-05-02 12:43:48

Jane Webster’s (Business) co-authored study showing co-workers withhold information from each other is highlighted in the Globe and Mail.
Sharryn Aiken (Law) comments on the front page of the Kingston Whig-Standard about the ban on media tours of the new facility to house terrorism suspects on the grounds of Millhaven Institution.
Ken Wong (Business) discusses the marketing of religion on CBC Radio’s The Current.

2006-05-01 09:19:35

An op-ed by Kip Pegley (School of Music/Women’s Studies) about American Idol’s reinforcement of social limitations appears in the Ottawa Citizen.John Pliniussen (Business) comments on the power of email to enhance business decisions in the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal. Julie Blais (Psychology) comments on cyber-bullying in the Kingston Whig-Standard.Darren Beiko (Urology) comments in Maclean's regarding a study on a kidney stone treatment.

2006-04-28 09:55:03

Doug Bland (Policy Studies) discusses in the Globe and Mail and Kingston Whig-Standard the media ban on the return to Canada of soldiers killed in action.
Jay Handelman (Business) comments in the Toronto Star about Starbuck's marketing strategy.
Bruce Berman (Political Studies) discusses on CKWS-TV and CHUM radio his $2.5-million SSHRC-funded project on ethnic diversity.  
Professor emeritus Gerry Wyatt (Psychology) discusses on CKWS TV reasons for the abundance of midges at this time of year.

2006-04-24 11:26:46

Emeritus professor Ned Franks (Political Studies) comments in the Ottawa Sun, London Free Press, Edmonton Sun and Calgary Sun about the possibility of Prime Minister Harper calling an election.
Tom Courchene (Policy Studies) discusses Harper's options relating to taxation and equalization on ROBTV.

2006-04-21 09:58:31

The letter to Steven Harper urging him to take action on global warming signed by John Smol (Biology) and 79 other Canadian researchers is printed in the National Post. The letter receives continued coverage including on CBC TV National News and the front page of Le Devoir. 
Tom Courchene (Policy Studies) comments in the Winnipeg Free Press about provincial equalization. 
Nikolaus Troje's (Psychology) recent study about how animal brains detect distinct movement is highlighted on the front page of the Kingston Whig-Standard and on CHUM Radio.

2006-04-19 09:15:36

John Smol (Biology) is mentioned in the Ottawa Citizen as one of 80 experts who petitioned Steven Harper to act on global warming. The story receives extensive coverage including in the Vancouver Sun, St. Catharines Standard and Kingston Whig-Standard. 
Doug Bland's (Policy Studies) opinion piece about mobilizing defence capabilities in Canada appears in the National Post. 
Colin Funk's (Biochemistry) study about alternatives to Vioxx and Celebrex for treating arthritis is highlighted in the Kingston Whig-Standard and on CHUM Radio.

2006-04-17 09:45:37

Richard Ascough (Religious Studies) comments on the The Da Vinci Code in the National Post, Vancouver Province, Calgary Herald and the Kingston-Whig Standard; on the Jesus Papers in the Globe and Mail and the Ottawa Citizen; and on a CanWest faith survey in the National Post, Ottawa Citizen, The Kingston Whig-Standard, The Calgary Herald and The Windsor Star.Brian Yelland (Chaplain) comments on young offenders and forgiveness in the Ottawa Citizen, Edmonton Journal and The Vancouver Sun.An effort by Ron Anderson (Mechanical Engineering) to improve hockey helmet regulations is highlighted in the Kingston-Whig Standard.Alison Blay-Palmer (Geography) comments on a student effort to study local outlets for locally produced foods in the Belleville IntelligencerKathy Brock (Policy Studies) comments in the Kingston Whig-Standard on the framing of the Prime Minister by television cameras in parliament.Doug Reid (Business) comments on fuel prices and airline ticket prices in The London Free Press.Jennifer Kuk (Physical Education) comments on a Queen’s study regarding the dangers of abdominal fat in the Toronto Sun.

2006-04-12 09:28:47

Ned Franks (Political Studies, Emeritus) comments in the Toronto and Ottawa Sun newspapers on the new accountability bill.Cathy Vakil (Family Medicine) has a letter in the Edmonton Journal commenting on a report about a recently released pesticide study in which she was involved.Don Stuart (Law) talks to CBC’s The Current about the pitfalls of anti-gang legislation.Stephen Arnold (Business, Emeritus) comments on how Canadian grocers are faring against American-based general merchandisers expanding into the food business.Tom Axworthy (Policy Studies) appears on CTV News to discuss a recent book about Pierre Trudeau.A new PARTEQ Innovations program ,which will develop local high-tech ideas, is featured in the Kingston Whig-Standard.Kevin Hall (Civil Engineering) discusses Queen’s new multi-disciplinary institute for studying population and public health in the Kingston Whig-Standard.Elspeth Murray (Business) explains why the Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing ranked SportsDirect as the best small company to work for in Canada.

2006-04-10 09:25:25

Douglas Reid (Business) comments in the National Post about Air Italia’s error in web listed airfare to Cyprus and in the first of a four-part special report about Hamilton’s airport in the Hamilton Spectator.
David Layzell (Biology) comments in the Toronto Star about bio energy and greenhouse gas reduction in Canada.
Brian Yealland (Chaplain) discusses the meaning of forgiveness in the Ottawa Citizen.
Don Klinger (Education) discusses his teacher-librarian study on CKWS TV and the study is highlighted in the Hamilton Spectator.
Richard Ascough (Theological College) comments on CBC News and Current Affairs about Michael Baigent’s allegations that Jesus says he's not the son of God.

2006-04-07 09:00:34

Don Klinger (Education) discusses his study that shows school librarians help students learn in the Toronto Star and Kingston Whig-Standard.

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