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2006-04-07 09:00:34

Don Klinger (Education) discusses his study that shows school librarians help students learn in the Toronto Star and Kingston Whig-Standard.

2006-04-06 09:25:05

Tom Courchene’s (Policy Studies) expertise in equalization and fiscal accountability is highlighted in the Globe and Mail.
Julian Barling (Business) comments in the Globe and Mail about the phenomenon of corporate office spouses.
Douglas Reid (Business) discusses in the Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald and Regina Leader-Post increased passenger loads on Canadian airlines.

2006-04-05 09:28:54

Richard Ascough (Religious Studies) discusses The Jesus Papers by Michael Baigent in the Toronto Sun.
Tom Courchene’s (Policy Studies) ideas for fiscal federalism and accountability are highlighted in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, and he is interviewed on the  Rutherford Show (Calgary and London, ON) about energy prices and horizontal fiscal imbalances in the federation.
Ralph Meyer, soon-to-be director of NCIC’s Clinical Trials Group at Queen’s is profiled in the Kingston Whig-Standard.
Alvaro Morales (Urology) is interviewed on CKWS TV about a new bladder cancer treatment that is now in clinical trials.
Wendy Craig discusses the new bullying network on 17 CBC Radio Syndication stations across the country including Iqaluit, Saskatoon and St. John's.

2006-04-04 09:36:28

Jay Handelman (Business) comments about how loyalty cards benefit retailers in the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal and Vancouver Sun.
Emeritus professor Ned Franks (Political Studies) comments in the Ottawa Citizen about the re-election of Peter Milliken as Speaker.
Vern Quinsey (Psychology) discusses in the Kingston Whit-Standard Harper’s plan to end mandatory supervision for federal inmates.
Part 2 of Jamie Swift’s (Business) co-authored opinion piece about Kingston’s social and economic development challenges appears in the Kingston Whig-Standard.

2006-04-03 10:23:14

Nick Bala (Law) discusses the Youth Criminal Justice Act in the Globe and Mail.
Brian Grainger (Business) comments on the Federal Accountability Act in the Ottawa Citizen and Vancouver Province.
Wendy Craig (Psychology) discusses her bullying research and plan to create a national strategy to address bullying and promote healthy relationships among children in the Kingston Whig-Standard and on CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning.
Jamie Swift (Business) co-authors an opinion piece in the Kingston Whig-Standard about Kingston’s social and economic development challenges.
PhD student Jennifer Kuk (Physical and Health Education) discusses her research that ties waist size to length of life in the Kingston Whig-Standard.
Margaret Little’s (Political Studies) course called The Canadian Welfare State is profiled in the Kingston Whig-Standard.
Gary VanLoon (Chemistry) comments in the Kingston Whig-Standard about ozone and other air pollutants.
Art McDonald (Physics) discusses the future of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) in the Sudbury Star.
Tim Smith (History) appears on TVO’s Diplomatic Immunity discussing a  controversial youth employment law in France.
Bob Montgomerie (Biology) discusses his research that shows robins listen to the sound of earth moving when searching for worms on the National Public Radio's "Living on Earth" program.

2006-03-30 09:12:48

Art Cockfield (Law) comments in the Toronto Star about Apple Computer's use of the Apple Corp logo. He also comments in the Kingston Whig-Standard and on CBC Radio's Regional News about the Kingston police switching to digital communications media.

2006-03-29 09:13:48

Timothy Smith’s (History) opinion piece about a controversial youth employment law in France appears in the Globe and Mail.

2006-03-28 10:14:54

Vincent Mosco (Sociology) comments in the Globe and Mail about Canada's position at global telecommunications negotiations.
Nick Bala (Law) comments extensively in papers across the country about a Conservative election promise to impose even tougher measures than the current law under the Youth Justice Act including in the Montreal Gazette, Kingston Whig-Standard and Vancouver Sun.
The Kingston Whig-Standard reports that four Queen’s researchers, Yongjun Lai (Mechanical and Materials Engineering) Tom Hollenstein (Psychology) Eric Dumont (Anesthesiology) and Stephen Hughes (Physics) share almost almost $547,000 funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation Leaders Opportunities Fund.

2006-03-27 09:28:05

An opinion piece by emeritus professor Mohammad Qadeer (Urban Planning) about concealing one's face as a religious obligation appears on globeandmail.ca.
Tom Axworthy (Policy Studies) co-chair of a Liberal party-appointed renewal commission discusses the ineffectiveness of the party's strategies on the front page of the National Post. The story receives extensive coverage including the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal and Kingston Whig-Standard.
Elspeth Murray (Business) comments on the trend in appointing corporate co-presidents in the Toronto Star.
Jackie Duffin (History of Medicine) and emeritus professor Lola Cuddy (Music) discuss their research on music and Alzheimer?s on CBC Radio's Ontario Morning.

2006-03-23 09:05:37

Douglas Reid (Business) continues to discuss risks to small businesses outsourcing business functions, most recently in the National Post.
Elspeth Murray (Business) comments in the National Post about big businesses organizing into smaller internal units to stay ahead of the competition.
Karen Dubinksy’s (History) co-authored paper on the 1911 Angelina Napolitano murder case is highlighted in the Toronto Star.
George Perlin (Policy Studies) discusses in the Kingston Whig-Standard the handbook developed at Queen’s to train  police to protect Ukranian citizens at next week’s election.
Kathy Brock (Policy Studies) comments on the front page of the Kingston Whig-Standard about Peter Milliken’s effectiveness as Speaker.
John Smol (Biology) continues to discuss the importance of research for the sake of science as opposed to the creation of products, most recently on CKWS-TV; and he comments in University Affairs about nurturing an appreciation for nature in young children.

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