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MiniU showcases academic excellence at Queen's

A tour of the Agnes Etherington Art Centre is just one of the many sessions that are offered during Queen's MiniU.

The reputation of Queen’s MiniU continues to build four years after it was launched.

“Queen’s MiniU participants have been enthusiastic about experiencing the university’s academic excellence in an intimate setting. And in turn, more faculty and staff members from across the university have volunteered to lead sessions because of the positive feedback,” says Melanie McEwen, manager of alumni education and outreach.

The fourth annual Queen’s MiniU includes over 50 sessions by 38 staff and faculty speakers from different faculties and departments. The event is an excellent opportunity for staff and faculty, as well as their high-school aged children, to sample various learning opportunities at Queen’s.

“Queen’s MiniU allows people to take advantage of the amazing intellect at this university. Participants make connections with faculty and staff members that often continue long after the weekend is over,” says Ms McEwen.

There are several new sessions this year including:
• A tour of the Queen’s phytotron and a lecture by associate professor of biology Sharon Regan on the study of plant genetics.
• Donato Santeramo (Spanish and Italian) will provide an introduction to semiotics, the study of signs such as visual cues, body language and hand gestures and how people use them to interpret meaning.
• Vincent Sacco (Sociology), a popular presenter last year, returns with a new topic entitled “Waiter…There’s a Religious Icon in My Burrito: Apophenia and Everyday Life.”

MiniU will be held May 27-29. See this year’s schedule or email MiniU@queensu.ca for more information. Organizers are also looking for staff volunteers to assist during the weekend. An online volunteer registration form will be posted on the MiniU website near the end of March.

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