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Principal meets with Rector


Principal Daniel Woolf met with Rector Nick Day to express his concerns about an open letter the Rector wrote earlier this week to the federal Liberal party leader. The Rector wrote the letter as Rector, and not as an individual citizen.

The Principal has posted an update to his website and his blog.

He says the University's position is that the Rector's actions were inappropriate.

"The views in the letter are not the issue - agree or disagree, he is entitled to them - it's the context in which he communicated his personal opinion," the Principal says. "Mr. Day's views do not and should not be seen as being representative of those of the University or Queen's students."

The university has been contacted by students, alumni, and others, who believe Mr. Day should no longer have the privilege of holding this office.

As a student-elected representative, the Rector is answerable to Queen's student body. The issue is being discussed tonight at AMS Assembly.

"I take this situation very seriously and I will be monitoring developments," says the Principal. "In our conversation, I asked Rector Day to consider the impact of his actions and take steps to separate his personal views from the university position he currently holds. I am hopeful he will do so immediately."

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