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Jim Lee, Vice-Provost (International)

Jim Lee, Vice-Provost (International)

When he took on the position of Vice-Provost (International) at the beginning of July, Jim Lee took on one of the university’s most diverse portfolios. Covering everything from research and teaching to student admissions and alumni relations, the role oversees the facilitation and promotion of internationalization activities across campus and around the world.

Dr. Lee believes as the world becomes increasingly globalized, university graduates not only benefit from international experience, but in developing the “intercultural competencies” that will help them become better global citizens.

“Studying abroad and interacting with people in their own cultural setting changes lives,” says Dr. Lee. “Many of our students tell us that their experience has been truly transformational.”

But that doesn’t mean students only benefit by leaving campus. Dr. Lee says Queen’s is increasingly focused on bringing the world to the classroom by better integrating international perspectives into the curriculum. The goal is to give students who stay home the same kinds of competencies they might gain through travel. Queen’s also boasts a student body made up of students from more than 120 countries – another way of bringing the world to campus.

Dr. Lee, who is a professor of geology and geological engineering, has always strongly promoted internationalization in all of its diverse forms. Before taking on his current role, he served as the Associate Dean (International) in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

He is already finding his new position very rewarding. Besides facilitating international and cross-cultural experiences for students, he is passionate about raising the university’s profile beyond Canada’s borders through strategic research partnerships and alumni events.That’s why newly formed administrative committees, such as the International Strategy Group (ISG) and Queen's University International Programs Committee (QUIPC), are streamlining international activities and providing more focused strategic direction.

In addition, the International Programs Office (IPO), once a unit dedicated to the Faculty of Arts and Science, is now a central body serving the needs of the entire university. Dr. Lee is also meeting with representatives from faculties and administrative units across campus to provide input on the international strategy he is currently developing over the next few months.

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