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Lon Knox, University Secretary

Lon Knox's background as a lawyer and his love of challenge make him a natural fit for the position of university secretary at Queen's.

Lon Knox’s lawyer mind enjoys ambiguity. He likes challenge, solving problems when there isn’t a clear path forward, and the kind of on-the-floor decision-making that requires quick thinking and an appropriate amount of discretion.

All this makes him a natural fit for the position of university secretary – a complex job of navigating, and providing support to, the governance structures at Queen’s.

“It’s a great time to be joining Queen’s because there’s a lot of opportunity to look to change, and there’s a lot to commend, in terms of history,” says Mr. Knox, who arrived at Queen’s in August.

The office of the University Secretariat supports and assists the three pillars of governance – the Board of Trustees, the Senate, and the University Council – so they can efficiently and responsibly oversee the operations of the university. The office holds a wealth of institutional and historical knowledge and it uses that knowledge to guide the governance bodies forward.

The University Secretariat’s work includes organizational support, such as ensuring agendas and minutes are available for various governance meetings. But the bigger challenges lie in helping the Senate and Board work cooperatively, and addressing policy gaps where the best route forward is not clear.

“While Queen’s is a very old institution and it needs to retain very important traditions, it should also look for opportunities to carve a new path going forward,” says Mr. Knox. “My intent is to try to facilitate that exchange of ideas so we can actually take advantage of those opportunities.”

Prior to Queen’s, Mr. Knox worked as university secretary and general counsel at Trent University; as senior solicitor and director, legislative services, at the City of Oshawa; as town solicitor at the City of Aurora; and as an associate in the law firm Brooks, Harrison, Mann, McCracken & Slessor.

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