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For the Record: June 12, 2014

Thu, 06/12/2014


Honorary degree nomination period now open

Information and nomination forms for 2015 honorary degrees is now available on the University Secretariat website or by contacting the University Secretariat at 613-533-6095. Deadline for submissions is Friday, August 8, 2014.


Renewal, tenure, promotion applications

Under the terms of the collective agreement between Queen’s and Queen’s University Faculty Association for faculty, librarians and archivists, Aug. 15 is the deadline for regular faculty to apply for renewal, tenure or promotion; librarians and archivists to apply for renewal, continuing appointment or promotion; and adjuncts to apply for promotion

Members must notify their unit head of their intent to apply for renewal, tenure, continuing appointment,
or promotion by July 1.

Articles that refer to these procedures:

Article 24 – Employment Equity;
Article 30 – Renewal, Tenure and Promotion for Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty Members;
Article 31 – Renewal, Continuing Appointment and Promotion for Librarian and Archivist Members;
Article 32.6 – Promotion for Adjunct Members.

PhD Oral Thesis Examinations

Eric Charles Peterson (Chemical Engineering) "The Use of High Pressure Carbon Dioxide for in Situ Product Recovery of Butyric Acid in a Two Phase Partitioning Bioreactor"
Supervisor: A.J. Daugulis
Friday, June 13, 9 am, 427 Dupuis Hall

Arash Alizadeh (Chemical Engineering) "Study of Sorption, Heat and Mass Transfer During Condensed Mode Operation of Gas Phase Ethylene Polymerization on Supported Catalyst"
Supervisors: M. Guay, T.F.L. McKenna
Monday, June 23, 10 am, 311 Beamish Munro Hall

Bipin Upadhyaya (Electrical and Computer Engineering) "Composing Heterogeneous Services From End Users' Perspective" Supervisor: Y. Zou, ELEC,
Monday, June 23, 10 am, 302 Walter Light Hall

Kyster Nanan (Pathology and Molecular Medicine) "Identification and Characterization of Genomic Binding Sites for the Leukemia-Associated Transcription Factor E2A-PBX1"
Supervisor: D.P. LeBrun,
Monday, June 23, 9:30 am, 107 Richardson Laboratory

Brendan Wiltse (Biology) "The Response of Discostella Species to Climate Change at the Experimental Lakes Area, Canada"
Supervisor: B.F. Cumming
Tuesday, June 24, 1 pm, 3110 BioSciences Complex


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