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Expert Namesort icon Departments Expertise
Zuk, Ireneus School of Music Music,Performance,Contemporary music,Canadian music (i.e. music by Canadian composers Piano concertos (Canadian),Music by Ukrainian composers (especially but not exclusively contemporary) Piano Concerto by Canadian Composers - a Bibliographic Study.
Zoutman, Dick Medicine, Pathology & Molecular Medicine bioterrorism, infectious disease,surveillance and prevention,cost-benefit analyses of infection prevention programs,diagnostic microbiology. Bacteriology,medical microbiology,epidemiology of antibiotic use in clinical practice,epidemiology and control of hospital-acquired infections
Zamble, Edward Psychology Criminal behaviour,imprisonment and rehabilitation,attitudes toward crime,prediction of criminal recidivism
Zak, Gennady Mechanical and Materials Eng Laser Welding of Plastics Laser Machining of Ceramics Rapid Tooling and Prototyping Engineering Graphics
Yousefi, Shahram Electrical & Computer Eng Communications (electrical), Communication theory, wireless, Communications, Telecom, Digital Communications; Channel Coding, Error control coding, forward error correction (FEC); Information Theory; DSL Technologies; WiFi and WIMAX; Cicuit Theory; Probability Theory; Network coding, Bittorrent, the Internet
Young, Paul Biology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine cell proliferation ion transport development microscopy molecular genetics cell division genomics
Young, Pamela Gender Studies Religion and sexuality, religion and gender, same-sex marriage, religion and culture, religious diversity, contemporary Christianity
Young, John Theological College Rural Churches; Rural Ministry; The United Church of Canada (History, Current Issues)
Youmans, Sandy Early learning, Full-day Kindergarten (FDK), development of self-regulation in young children, literacy and numeracy development in young children, online learning. 
Yen, Wan-Tai Mining Engineering Mineral extraction,refractory gold ore,pressure oxidation,thiourea leaching,hypochlorite leaching,carbon-in-pulp,resin-in-pulp,complex sulphides,electrolysis,biomass gold recovery
Xing, Liyan Chemistry Ion-exchange chromatography, mass spectrometry
Wyss, Urs Peter Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Rehabilitation Therapy Orthopaedic implants, artificial joints, human motion, aids for individuals with disabilities
Wong, Kenneth QSB Faculty & Support Branding, Marketing, advertising, business strategy, consumer behaviour, high-technology marketing
Wolfe, Robert Political Studies, SPS - Director's Office World Trade Organization, G8/G20, OECD, Canadian trade policy, Canadian foreign policy, summits, accountability, transparency, trade negotiations, Doha Round
Wilson, James Urology Postgraduate medical education Urolithiasis (kidney stones) Neurogenic voiding dysfunction
Wilson, Carolyn Family Medicine Primary care; women's health; rural medical education
Willmott, Glenn English Modernism, Comics/Graphic Narrative
Williams, Thomas R Faculty of Education, School of Business, School of Policy Studies, The Principal's Office Educational policy, education governance and management, mergers of public institutions
Williams, D Malcolm L School of Medicine General otolaryngology; voice disorders; Vocal physiology and pathology
Willett, Terry Sociology Motoring offenders, crises involving armed forces, social control of criminal offenders especially dangerous drivers
Widrow, Lawrence Physics Astrophysics, cosmology, dark matter
Whitehead, LeRoy Fac of Education - Teaching Education leadership and policy; social and organizational contexts of schooling.
Wherrett, Brian Faculty Health Sci Office Ops, Paediatrics General issues in hospital and acute health care of children,regional child health care,handicapping conditions and learning disabilities in children,Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Welker, Michael QSB Faculty & Support, School of Business General Accounting,financial accounting,information and equity markets
Welch, Malcolm W Faculty of Education Technological education, design education, classroom management, curriculum development
Weisman, Ronald G Psychology
Weisberg, Mark A Faculty of Law Legal ethics, images of doctors and lawyers, legal imagination
Ware, Tracy English Canadian literature
Ware, Roger Economics Public economics, antitrust economics and competition policy, trade and industrial policy
Wang, Xiaogang Chemistry High dimensional quantum dynamics, theoretical chemistry, theoretical ro-vibrational spectra of molecules
Wang, Suning Chemistry Super conducting films,magnetic materials,luminescent materials,inorganic and organometallic synthesis,single-crystal x-ray crystallography
Walker, Ross Surgery, Surgery-General Surgery Post-graduate surgical training,endocrine surgery,surgical oncology
Walker, David Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, School of Policy Studies Health Policy, Systems Health Human Resources Public Health Medical Education Emergency Medicine
Walker, Craig Drama, English Canadian theatre and drama, Shakespeare, directing, acting
Waddington, Ashley Obstetrics and Gynecology Issues regarding women's health, contraception and family planning, adolescent pregnancy and sexual activity, early pregnancy loss (miscarriage), abortion, public policy regarding women's health issues.
Viswanathan, Leela Geography, School Urban Regional Plan Social Planning, Housing and Human Services
Viola, Raymond Community Health & Epi, Family Medicine, Medicine-Palliative Medicine, Oncology Palliative Care, End-of-Life Care, Clinical Epidemiology, Health Services Research, Systematic Reviews, Clinical Trials
Vidal, Barbara School of Medicine Pathology and molecular medicine, drinking water process, bio-engineering, chemical processing
Vertegaal, Roel School of Computing Human-computer interaction, new media, social psychology of gaze behavior in group communication, eye tracking in advertising
Ventresca, Matt Kinesiology and Health Studies Social/cultural aspects of sport, sport, masculinity and gender, masculinity in popular culture, masculinity and health. 
Varadharajan, Asha Continuing & Distance Studies, English, Gender Studies Post-colonial world literatures in English,feminist theory,multiculturalism,racial politics
VanLoon, Gary Environmental Studies Environmental chemistry ,drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment
Vanhorne, Judith B School of Medicine
VanDenKerkhof, Elizabeth Anesthesiology & Periop Med, School of Nursing Community health, epidemiology, pain, informatics
Van Vugt, Dean Biomedical & Molecular Science, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Infertility, reproduction, gynecology, menstrual cycle and appitite
Van Die, Marguerite History History of Christianity, popular religion in North America
Van Dalen, Karl Civil Engineering Structural engineering and steel-concrete composite structures,design of buildings and bridges in wood
Valdez Morales, Eduardo E. School of Medicine Gastrointestinal diseases
Upitis, Rena Psychology, Fac of Education - Teaching Music and education, attitudes toward learning, professional development of teachers, arts education
Turcke, David J Civil Engineering
Tufts, Bruce Biology Fish biology and physiology
Tu, Dongsheng Mathematics & Statistics, Community Health & Epi Biostatistics, clinical trials
Tschakovsky, Michael School of Kinesiology & Health, Biomedical & Molecular Science Exercise and the heart, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, aging and physical activity
Tsai, Ellen Philosophy, Faculty Health Sci Office Ops, Paediatrics Medical ethics
Trothen, Tracy J Theological College Professional Ethics, Sexuality and Theology, Sport and Spirituality/Religion, bioethics and religion, spiritual care & clinical education
Trofimova, Daria School of Medicine Cancer biology and genetics
Tripp, Dean Psychology, Anesthesiology & Periop Med, Urology Chronic and acute pain, lower back pain, predicting postoperative pain
Treitz, Paul Geography Biophysical Remote Sensing of Arctic and Boreal Environments Sensors/Data Types (Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar), Hyperspectral, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)) Applications (Biomass and Percent Cover Estimation, Ecological Classification, Forest Inventory)
Travers, Alan Faculty of Education Job market for teachers, domestic and international. Extensive experience in international placements. 30+ years experience in assisting teachers with their job search and career decision making process.
Toukh, Mazen School of Medicine Cancer, obstructive sleep apnea, trauma management, animal care
Tormann, Cynthia School of Music Piano
Torcolacci, Melody School of Kinesiology & Health Strength Training Planning Training Programs
Tomalty, Lewis Biomedical & Molecular Science, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Biohazard, bioterrorism curriculum
Tinline, Rowland R Geography, Queen's Geographic Information Systems Laboratory Rabies, development of web-based interactive mapping, foot and mouth disease
Thornton, Daniel QSB Faculty & Support Financial accounting.
Thorne, W Barry English
Thorburn, Hugh G Political Studies Canadian politics, party politics, federal-provincial relations, business-government relations
Thomas, Tandy Marketing Branding, brand strategy, consumer perceptions and engagement of brands, brand communities, marketing culture, consumer behaviour, advertising, consumption communities.
Thain, Sou Oncology Oncology Breast Cancer Lung Cancer Brain tumor Cancer Treatment Guidelines development
Taylor, Peter Biology, Mathematics & Statistics, Fac of Education - Teaching Mathematical biology, Evolution of behaviour Curriculum, high school and first-year university
Tavares, Stafford E Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tata, Elizabeth School of Rehab Therapy Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Tan, Andre Otolaryngology Reconstructive surgery, snoring
Tam, Shui-Pang Pathology & Molecular Medicine Lipoprotein metabolism,causes of heart disease,factors influencing heart disease risk and gene regulation and expression
Szewczuk, Myron Biomedical & Molecular Science, Medicine Immunology
Sypnowich, Christine Philosophy Political philosophy,philosophy of law,Marxism,feminism
Symington, David C School of Medicine
Sweeney, Brendan A School of Policy Studies Employment relations, labour relations
Surgenor, Brian Mechanical and Materials Eng Automatic controls
Stuart, Donald Faculty of Law Criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence
Straznicky, Marta English Renaissance drama,Renaissance women writers,feminist and reception theory
Stockley, Denise Fac of Education - Teaching, Centre For Teaching & Learning Educational technology, learning communities, adult education
Stewart, James School of Computing Computer graphics,Online conference services
Stewart, Alec T Physics
Stevenson, Joan School of Kinesiology & Health, School of Rehab Therapy Occupational ergonomics, lifting techniques, back pain
Sterns, Ernest E School of Medicine
Staples, Sandfield QSB Faculty & Support Working virtually individually and in teams, management, technology and changing the way organizations work
Stairs, Marjorie Jean Theological College Christianity, Feminist Theology, Spirituality, Pastoral Care, Preaching
Srivastava, Mohan Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Pressure oxidation, gold extraction
Spirydowicz, Krystyna Art Conservation Art conservation, archaeology (particularly classical periods), conservation of ancient wood
Solar, Angela Fac of Education - Teaching Elementary art education, printmaking, waterbase screen printing
Soderlind, Sylvia English Literary theory, modern Canadian fiction, American literature
Smythe, John Faculty Health Sci Office Ops, Medicine, Paediatrics Paediatrics, children and heart disease
Smol, John Biology, Environmental Studies Lakes, climate change, pollution, long-term environmental change
Smithrim, Katharine Faculty of Education Music in early childhood education, music with babies, spiritual dimensions in teaching and learning
Smith, Pauline M School of Medicine Energy homeostasis, cardiovascular regulation
Smith, Howard A Faculty of Education Educational psychology as a science of signs Applied semiotics in learning and education Multiple "intelligences" or ways of learning Charles S. Peirce
Smith, Gregor Economics Exchange rates, business cycles, economic growth, monetary policy
Smith, Gordon School of Music Canadian music, folk music traditions in Quebec and Micmac communities in Cape Breton Island
Smith, Geoffrey S History, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, School of Physical and Health Education U.S. security and foreign policy, U.S. politics, conspiracy theories and history, U.S. culture and society
Skillicorn, David School of Computing Counterterrorism, fraud, radicalization, law enforcement, data mining
Skaburskis, Andrejs School Urban Regional Plan Demographic changes affecting rental markets, determinats of urban sprawl, housing affordability
Sismondo, Sergio Environmental Studies, Philosophy, Sociology Science and technology studies, pharmaceutical companies
Singh, Marsha Physics Polymer physics,looking at microstructural details using x-ray scattering techniques
Simpson, Christopher Medicine-Cardiology Arrhythmias, syncope, pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, cardiology, access to care, wait times, medical fitness to drive
Simon, Jerome Medicine Bowel cancer screening; Liver disease
Silverman, Robert A Sociology, Vice-Principal (Academic) Aboriginal peoples and justice, deliquency, social control, homicide in Canada
Silva, Mariana Faculty Health Sci Office Ops, Medicine, Oncology, Paediatrics Cancer and blood disorders in child leukemia
Shurvell, Herbert Art Analysis using infrared spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence
Shin, Seon H School of Medicine
Shepherd, Lois Medicine, Oncology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Hemotopathology,transfusion medicine.
Shepard, Terry School of Computing Software design, system integration testing
Shelley, E Stevenson School of Medicine Adult critical care, surgery, thoratic and cardiovascular anesthesia
Shearer, Teri QSB Faculty & Support Accounting
Shatkay Reshef, Hagit School of Computing computational biology, bioinformatics, biomedical text and data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, text mining, information retrieval
Sharma, Sanjay Community Health & Epi, Ophthalmology Diseases of the retina, macular degeneration and blindness,
Seymour, Lesley Oncology Cancer Therapeutic Drug Development Breast Cancer Lung Cancer Phase I and II Trials Trial Design
Sephton, Peter School of Business General Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy
Sellens, Richard Mechanical and Materials Eng Thermo/fluids,spray flows
Seaboyer, Anthony Political Studies Issues: - National Security - Nuclear Weapons Proliferation - Iranian Nuclear Program - Missile Defense Systems - Transatlantic Relations - NATO Foreign and Security Policy of: - Canada - United States - Iran - European Union - Germany - France - Britain - EU
Scott, Jill Languages, Literatures and Cultures Public responses to death, grief and mourning, public mourning, celebrity deaths, interpersonal forgiveness and reconciliation, political apology, interpersonal apology, indigenous legal traditions, restorative justice, law and literature.
Schumaker, Millard Religious Studies, Theological College
Schuklenk, Udo Philosophy Bioethics, research ethics, cloning, end-of-life care, euthanasia, HIV/AIDS, global health ethics, drug research and development, abortion. 
Schroeder, Frederic M Classics Greek philosophy, Neoplatonism, late Greek Aristotelianism, links between literature and philosophy
Saunders, Fraser Surgery, Surgery-Neurosurgery Neurosurgery concussion assessment helmet testing
Salzmann, Ariel History The Middle East: State, Society, Culture and History with special emphasis on Turkey and Afghanistan. The Muslim World and Catholic Church. World History.
Safwat, Ahmed Electrical & Computer Eng Wireless and mobile networks, computer and communication networks
Sadinsky, Stanley Faculty of Law Contract law, civil procedure, advocacy and remedies, gaming law
Sacco, Vincent Continuing & Distance Studies, Sociology Sociology of deviance, criminology, community reactions to crime, urban sociology and mass media
Sabbagh, Mark Psychology Preschool-aged children (2-5 years old), cognitive development, language development, social cognitive development ("theory of mind"), brain development, young children's understanding of pretend and role play.
Rutenberg, David P School of Business Globalization, intellectual property, multinational corporations, organizational behaviour
Russell, Thomas Fac of Education - Teaching Science education, professional development for teachers
Rudie, Karen School of Computing, Electrical & Computer Eng Discrete-Event Systems Women in Engineering
Rudan, John Surgery-Orthopaedic Surgery Oncology, computer-assisted orthopedic surgery, joint surgery
Rowlands, Caroline G School of Medicine Dermatopathology,Cytopathology,particularly gynecological.
Roulet, Geoffrey Fac of Education - Teaching Math education, use of computers in math education,cirriculum development, web-based education tools
Rossiter, John Pathology & Molecular Medicine Neuropathology,neuronal cell death
Rosser, Walter Family Medicine Family medicine, evidence-based medicine
Ross, Robert School of Kinesiology & Health, Medicine Obesity,diet and exercise induced weight loss,insulin and lipid metabolism
Rosenberg, Mark Geography, Community Health & Epi Demographic and geographic trends in Canada's aging population, access to health and social services, physician supply and location issues in Ontario and Canada
Rose, Paul Biomedical & Molecular Science Spinal cord function,control of movement,regeneration of motor pathways neuroscience funding and peer review in Canada and U.S.,neuronal modelling
Rose, Kenneth Civil Engineering
Rose, Jonathan Political Studies Political communication, political advertising, government advertising, propaganda, electoral reform, citizens' assemblies, federalism
Ropchan, Glorianne School of Medicine Cardiac and thoracic surgery in adults,coronary revascularization,valvular surgery,ascending aortic surgery,pacemakers
Robinson, Michael Psychiatry Psychiatry of the medically ill
Robinson, Darryl Faculty of Law International criminal law, international law, international criminal court, international criminal tribunal, genocide crimes against humanity war crimes, laws of war international humanitarian law
Robertson, Robert Biology, Biomedical & Molecular Science Insect (locust) neuroethology neuronal control of insect flight heat stress and neural circuits anoxic stress and the nervous system Drosophila nervous system and abiotic stress
Robertson, Raleigh J Biology Reproduction, behaviour and conservation biology of birds
Robertson, David M School of Medicine Conservation biology and management, statistics
Robertson, Alan S School of Physical and Health Education
Roberts, Barbara L Health, Counselling and Disability Services Accessibility and accommodation of disability in higher education; training and application of disability legislation in higher education; doctoral student in Education focusing on the application of human rights decisions in post-secondary curricula
Robb Blenderman, Linda School of Nursing
Ridler, James QSB Faculty & Support Business Ethics
Riddell, Chris School of Policy Studies Industrial and labour relations, labour policy, unemployment insurance, income assistance
Richter, Christoph Biology Sperm whale behavior and social structure, conservation biology and management, field logistics for land-based and boat-based research
Richardson, W George Mechanical Engineering History of Technology,particularly History of Engineering in Canada,more particularly History of bridge building in Canada,also history of engineering education in Canada
Richardson, Peter QSB Faculty & Support Innovation and technology,cost management,private sector/public sector,revenue generation in the public sector,strategic planning,strategic change,mining management (resource industry),executive education,operations strategy,project management
Remenda, Victoria Geological Science Hydrogeology, ground water and lakes
Reid, Robert Obstetrics & Gynaecology Infertility, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, hormone therapy
Reid, Douglas QSB Faculty & Support Airline industry, strategic alliances, telecommunications industry
Reeve, William C German German and Austrian drama of the 19th century
Rees, Ruth Fac of Education - Teaching Educational governance, equity issues, twinned schools, women in education, school-board amalgamation
Raymond, Michael J School of Medicine
Raymond, Gerald P Civil Engineering Geotechnical engineering,design and performance of railway track support systems,fine grain soils
Ravenscroft, Brenda School of Music Theory of rhythm,text/music relationships
Ratcliffe, Laurene Biology, Gender Studies, Psychology Animal behaviour, communication and mating behaviour
Rashti, Mohammad Javad Electrical and Computer Engineering Network and protocol design and analysis, hardware design and programming, system design, high performance computing, parallel programming
Raptis, Leda Biomedical & Molecular Science, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Neoplastic transformation by tumour viruses,adipocytic differention,signal transduction,electroporation of adherent cells
Rapin, John M School of Medicine Alternative funding plans,government relations,medical administration
Ramsay, Juliana Chemical Engineering Pollution treatments
Rae, Patricia English Philosophy and psychology in modern British and American literature,modern literature and the visual arts,literature and politics in the 1930s,Wallace Stevens,William James,Winifred Holtby, George Orwell. Current research focuses on the literature and culture of the Spanish Civil War, and especially on the question of memorializing the international volunteers in Canada, Britain, the united States, and elsewhere. I have written extensively on the genre of elegy and the "work of mourning" in both poetry and prose memoir and am especially interested in issues related to the remembrance and commemoration of war. I am also completing a book on George Orwell and his relationship to literary modernism and am interested in all issues pertaining to Orwell and his work.
Racz, William Continuing & Distance Studies, Biomedical & Molecular Science General pharmacology and toxicology,drug toxicity,liver toxicity,heavy metal toxicity,bioavailability of drugs
Pyper, Jamie Fac of Education - Teaching Mathematics education, secondary school mathematics, teacher education, teacher efficacy.
Puxty, John Family Medicine, Medicine, Medicine-Geriatrics Geriatrics,gerontology,computer use in education
Pulling, Cheryl School of Nursing Nursing of adults
Pruss, Cynthia School of Medicine Biochemistry and molecular biology, pathology
Pross, Hugh F School of Medicine
Prado, Carlos Gonzalez Philosophy
Powles, William E School of Medicine
Poole, Raymond Environmental Studies, Biomedical & Molecular Science antibiotic resistance, biocide resistance, molecular biology, biofilms in infectious disease
Pollard, Andrew Mathematics & Statistics, Mechanical and Materials Eng Experimental fluid dynamics/turbulence,computational fluid dynamics,fluid mechanics biological flows, Sustainable Bioeconomy and biomass
Pokrupa, Ronald Surgery-Neurosurgery I am a general Neurosurgeon with special interests in Syringomyelia and Chiari malformation,Spine and spinal cord problems,Pituitary Tumors and trigeminal neuralgia.I am prepared to speak also on Brain Tumors,Head Injuries and Hydrocephalus
Pliniussen, John QSB Faculty & Support E-commerce competitive strategies, e-marketing, management of innovation and creativity
Plaxton, William Biology, Biomedical & Molecular Science plant biochemistry, plant carbohydrate metabolism, biochemical adaptations of phosphate starved plants, enzymology, protein purification, enzyme kinetics, metabolic control, proteomics
Plant, Richard L Drama, Graduate Centre for Study of Drama Canadian and world drama, theatre history, theatre criticism, theatre censorship
Pike, Robert M Sociology Sociology of inequality with emphasis on welfare and surveillance, and social history of media and other modes of communication
Pierce, John English Romantic poetry (especially Blake and Shelley),biblical typology
Phillips, Susan Community Health & Epi, Family Medicine Gender sensitivity in medical education, sexual harassment
Phelan, John QSB Faculty & Support Organizational behaviour, personal leadership and lifestyle balance
Pharoah, Jon Mechanical and Materials Eng Fuel Cells Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Hydrogen Economy Energy Computational Fluid Dynamics
Petkovich, Patrick Biomedical & Molecular Science, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Biochemistry and pathology,Vitamin A mechanism of action: use in cancer treatment,molecular biology,nuclear receptors,steroid hormone mechanism of action,zebra fish as a developmental model,pattern formation in biological materials,regeneration
Peterson, Ronald Geological Science Mineralogy crystallography acid mine drainage sulfate mineral crystals gems
Petersen, Edward R School of Business
Peters, Ray D Psychology, Better Beginnings, Better Futures Research Coordination Unit Early Childhood Development (ECD), Evaluating ECD Programs effectiveness and costs, Children's Mental Health
Perlin, George SPS - MPA Democratic development, International assistance to democratic development, Canadian democracy promotion policy, Canadian democracy
Peppard, Lloyd E Electrical and Computer Engineering
Pentland, Wendy School of Rehab Therapy Time management and well-being, effects of aging on men and women with lifelong severe physical disability, aging
Pentland, Charles Political Studies International relations and foreign policy; global governance; United Nations and regional international institutions; European Union
Pegley, Kip School of Music Music and violence; music and gender; music television
Peck, Jonathan P Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Open-pit and underground mining, waste management, recycling, intelligent drilling, excavation and transportation systems
Peat, Malcolm School of Rehab Therapy Community-based rehabilitation in rural and urban settings in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia
Pearce, George Sociology Crime and deviance, criminology, corporate crime, corporate crime in the chemical industry
Pazderka, Bohumir QSB Faculty & Support Economics, health economics, pharmaceutical industry, science policy
Parsons, Trisha School of Rehab Therapy Exercise in chronic kidney disease, renal rehabilitation, knowledge translation, tele-medicine and tele-rehabilitation.
Parker, Kevin Psychology, Psychiatry Tests and measurements in psychology and psychiatry, IQ tests
Parker, David History Latin American middle class-- history Dueling in Latin America-- history
Parent, Scott Chemistry, Chemical Engineering polymer chemistry modification of plastics and rubber formulation of polymer products
Pardy, Bruce Faculty of Law Environmental law, ecosystem management, sustainable development, environmental liability
Pang, Stephen Biomedical & Molecular Science Hypertension, pathology of blood vessels, pathology of the heart, cardiovascular pathology in alcoholism
Pakalnis, Victor Robert M Buchan Dept of Mining, SPS - MIR Occupational Health and Safety Mining Health and Safety Engineering and Public Policy
Oyewumi, Kola Psychology, Biomedical & Molecular Science, Psychiatry Schizophenia and mood disorders, assessment, diagnosis and medication management
Overall, Christine Gender Studies, Philosophy Feminist philosophy; applied ethics; philosophy of religion
Ouellette-Kuntz, Helene Community Health & Epi, Psychiatry Intellectual disabilities, community integration
Oosthuizen, Patrick H Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering Aircraft, environmental effects of civil aviation, heat transfer, shock waves, engineering education
Onyett, Agnes Biomedical & Molecular Science, Community Health & Epi, Faculty Health Sci Office Ops, Medicine, Paediatrics, School of Rehab Therapy Paediatric infectious diseases,tropical medicine,paediatric critical care,injury prevention,international maternal and child health
Olney, Sandra School of Rehab Therapy Rehabilitation biomechanics,analysis and treatment of gait in cerebral palsy,cerebrovascular accidents,joint replacements and mobility technology
Oko, Richard Biomedical & Molecular Science Male Reproductive Biology, Gametogenesis and Fertilization
O'Grady, Shawna QSB Faculty & Support International business, strategic human resources
O'Farrell, Lawrence Fac of Education - Teaching Arts Education, Drama/Theatre Education, International Education, Creativity, Curriculum, e-Learning
O'Connor, Michael Emergency Medicine Medical administration,educational methods and evaluation
Nunzi, Jean-Michel Chemistry, Physics
Notash, Leila Mechanical and Materials Eng Manipulator kinematics,fault tolerant operation,mechatronics and robotics
Nossal, Kim Political Studies, School of Policy Studies Canadian foreign and defence policy; Canadian-American relations; Australian foreign and defence policy
Norris, Albert R
Nickel, John Urology Prostate disease,urinary tract infections
Neufeld, Ronald Chemical Engineering biochemical, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, controlled release of protein drugs, microencapsulation of biologicals
Nesheim, Michael E School of Medicine Biochemistry,blood clotting,clot bursting
Neave, Edwin QSB Faculty & Support Canadian financial systems, derivative securities, financial institutions
Nashed, Yousery Psychiatry Geriatric psychiatry
Narbonne, Guy Geological Science Paleontology, fossils of the earliest animals on earth from Newfoundland to Namibia, with a focus on northern Canada and Kingston.
Nakatsu, Kanji Biomedical & Molecular Science Pharmacology of heme oxygenase Potential therapeutic applications of carbon monoxide
Naaman, Dorit Film & Media, Gender Studies Israeli cinema and media; Palestinian cinema; documentary film; the Palestinian- Israeli conflict; film theory; gender and media; nationalism, militarism and media.
Myers, Marie Fac of Education - Teaching Applied linguistics (FSL,ESL and additional languages),language,communication and pedagogical intervention,semiotics,computer software in language learning
Murray, Laura English Copyright law; plagiarism; newspaper history; history of the book; American literature; nineteenth-century popular culture and social history; Kingston history, especially 20th century
Murray, Elspeth QSB Faculty & Support Information systems strategy, management information systems, strategic management, technology and innovation
Murray, David J Psychology
Munoz, Douglas Psychology, Biomedical & Molecular Science, Medicine Diseases of the brain affecting attention or movement, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, vision, eye movements
Mulvenna, Charles A Mechanical Engineering
Mulligan, Lois Paediatrics, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Cancer genetics,familial cancer,inherited cancer syndromes
Mullan, David J Faculty of Law Administrative and constitutional law, administrative tribunals and regulatory agencies, municipal conflict of interest and codes of conduct, NAFTA chapter 19 trade disputes, penitentiary discipline
Mozetich, Marjan School of Music Composition
Moyes, Christopher Biology Biochemical adaptations, muscle function, fish biology, exercise physiology
Mosco, Vincent Sociology New media and the Internet, creative and cultural labour, trade unions
Morrow, William S Theological College Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Religion and Violence
Morrison, Robert English Thomas De Quincey, William Wordsworth, John Wilson, Leigh Hunt, Jane Austen, nineteenth-century British magazines, print culture, the literature of addiction, detective fiction.
Morris, Gerald P Biology
Morgan, Ieuan G School of Business
Morales, Alvaro Urology General urology, male sexual dysfunction, urological oncology, immunotherapy
Moorehead, Paul School of Medicine Clinical and molecular hemostatis
Moore, John QSB Faculty & Support Accounting, performance measurement, executive MBA program
Moore, Ian Civil Engineering Geotechnical and Structural Engineering,infrastructure where soil materials and structures interact including the buried pipes used for water and gas supply,removal of stormwater and sanitary sewage,highway culverts,tunnel liners and silo structures.
Moore, Eric G Geography, School of Graduate Studies
Montgomerie, Robert Biology Behavioural ecology, animal and human behaviour in an evolutionary context, evolutionary biology, reproductive behaviour, mate choice, sexual selection, parental care
Minnes, Patricia Psychology, Psychiatry, School of Rehab Therapy Developmental disabilities; family stress and coping; social inclusion of children with developmental disabilities; community integration of individuals with developmental disabilities
Milne, Frank Economics Finance, asset pricing, financial institutions, finance theory, game theory, economics
Miller, Larry A Faculty of Education
Miller, Jon Philosophy Spinoza, Stoics, African philosophy, reparations
Miller, James E Theological College Religion in China, Taoism, Confucianism, Religion and Nature, Sustainability and Environment in China
Miller, David V School of Medicine
Milev, Roumen Psychology, Psychiatry Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Effect of Medication on Sleep Architecture, ECT ( electro convulsive therapy), rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation), antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, stigma and discrimination
Meyer, Marion E Sociology
Mewhort, Douglas Psychology Human memory and decision processes, computational modelling, high performance computing. Human representation and use of knowledge.
Mercier, Adele French Studies, Philosophy Language and gender,language and society, "bad" language, Francophone issues, Chomsky (the linguist), linguistics, natural language semantics, logic, philosophy of language, same-sex marriage, marginalization and workplace bullying
Mercer, Dale Surgery-General Surgery General Surgery Esophageal disease
Mennell, Jan Languages Literatures Cultures Latin American film, especially from Cuba and Argentina.
Meisel, John Political Studies Canadian politics, elections, telecommunication, broadcasting, French-English relations, Quebec, cultural policy, global change
McWhirter, Keith The effect of technology on the average individual, new technology.
McNevin, Stephen Psychiatry Student mental health, problems of young adults, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related disability. Diagnosis and mangement of Borderline Personality Disorder
McLellan, James Mathematics & Statistics, Chemical Engineering Process analysis and control,statistical methods
McLean, Alastair Physics Nano-science,nanoelectronics,scanning probes
McKinnon, Stephen Robert M Buchan Dept of Mining Rock mechanics, geotechnical engineering, mining engineering, mine layout design, landslides, rockbursts, rock reinforcement, ground control, deep mining.
McKeen, Carol QSB Faculty & Support Gender issues in management, organizational behaviour, women in management, women in accounting
McIsaac, George Robert M Buchan Dept of Mining Mining, mineral economics, precious metals, base metals, scoping, feasibility, design, cut-off grades, exploration
McIntyre, Martha Jane School of Business I coordinate contract programs for English language instruction (English as a second language) at Queen's School of English. Contract groups come from Japan,Hong Kong,Mexico,etc.
McInnis, R Marvin Economics Economic history, Canadian economic development in the 19th century, population economics, population change, demography, birth rates, immigration
McGraw, Robert Emergency Medicine Medical education,evaluations,skill training and acquisition
McGrath, Michael Obstetrics & Gynaecology Maternal and fetal medicine
McGill, Jeffrey QSB Faculty & Support, School of Business General Airline pricing, revenue management in airlines, hotel, and related industries, business analytics, transportation systems
McGeachy, John D Mechanical Engineering
McDonald, David Environmental Studies, Geography, Global Dev Studies Southern Africa, urban governance, environmental justice, international migration, delivery of municpal services to urban poor (water and sanitation)
McCreary, Bruce Psychiatry Developmental disabilities, psychiatric genetics, Alzheimer's Disease, Down Syndrome, quality of life of adults with developmental disabilities
McCowan, James D Chemical Engineering, Integrated Learning Centre, Chemistry
McColl, Mary Community Health & Epi, School of Rehab Therapy Disability and health services, aging and disability, disability policy, community integration and social support
McCaughey, John Environmental Studies, Geography Climate, climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, weather, global climate models, forest climate, environmental sustainability, geoengineering, carbon balance of ecosystems, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), "climategate"
McBride, Evelyn Vee School of Medicine Adult neuromuscular diseases
McAuley, Kimberley Chemical Engineering Polymerization,process control,modelling,simulation,applied statistics
Maurice, Donald Biomedical & Molecular Science, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Phosphodiesterases, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
Matthews, Scott Political Studies Elections, voting behaviour and public opinion in Canada and the United States.
Matthews, John Medicine-Hematology/Oncology, Oncology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Vitamin B12 inhibitors; tissue culture; hematology; mermatologic oncology
Matrix, Sidneyeve Mass communication, marketing and public relations, social media, digital technology, consumer trends, educational technology, popular culture, mobile technology, gaming.
Massey, Thomas Environmental Studies, Biomedical & Molecular Science, Medicine Chemical toxicity
Mason, Deanna V English Academic writing, writing instruction, composition
Marvin, Clara School of Music Baroque music (ca.1580-1750),religious musical styles,opera before ca.1820,Palestrina,Beethoven,early 20th century music. Secondary:life and works of T.E.Lawrence.
Marshall, William L Psychology, School of Medicine
Marks, Gerald S School of Medicine
Maracle, Laura L Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre Indigenous studies, business management
Manson, Allan Faculty of Law Criminal law, sentencing and prisons, evidence
Manley, Paul Pathology & Molecular Medicine Laboratory management,liver pathology
Mandell, Charlene Correctional Law Project, Faculty of Law Clinical correctional law, correctional law as it affects federally incarcerated inmates
Malyshko, Olga School of Music Medieval and Renaissance music,English conductus repertory
Magoski, Neil Biomedical & Molecular Science Ion channel regulation by second messengers and the control of neuronal excitability. Study how behavior of a neuron can be altered for extended periods following brief sensory input.
Magnusson, Denis N Faculty of Law
Macleod, Alistair M Philosophy Political philosophy freedom,equality,justice,efficiency and related sociopolitical ideals
MacLean, Alistair Psychology, Psychiatry Sleep mechanisms, sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, monitoring of sleepiness
MacLachlan, Donald L C Philosophy Theory of knowledge, perception, metaphysics, philosophy of Kant
MacKinnon, James Economics Econometrics, pensions
Mackillop, William Community Health & Epi, Oncology Oncology,community health and epidemiology,radiotherapy,lung cancer,health services research
MacKenzie, Jennifer Oncology, Paediatrics, Pathology & Molecular Medicine, Psychiatry Genetics
Macintosh, Norman B School of Business Management accounting
MacDonald, Tara Psychology Alcohol and decision-making, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, mood interactions, health psychology
MacDonald, Peter Surgery-General Surgery Surgery,colorectal surgery
MacDonald, Elinor Paediatrics Seizures,child neurology
MacDonald, Eleanor Gender Studies, Political Studies Contemporary political theory, esp. gender and sexuality theory, property theory, Marxist theory, psychoanalytic theory
Mabee, Warren Environmental Studies, Geography, SPS - Director's Office Energy policy, renewable energy technologies, natural resource management, and environmental policy
Lyon, David Sociology, Faculty of Law Surveillance (camera, digital, internet etc) of work, consumption, travel, citizenship, education etc; in Canada but also historical development and international comparisons. Special interest in ID card systems, 'national' and otherwise, globally. Responses to surveillance: compliance, legislation, regulation, protest, resistance etc. Other fields: Sociology of religion, especially debates over secularization; social theory, especially of modernity; sociology and Christianity; information technology (and 'information society').
Ludwin, Samuel Pathology & Molecular Medicine Neuropathology,demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis),myelin
Luce-Kapler, Rebecca Faculty of Education Writing processes, digital literacy, literary practices, curriculum theory, English education and teacher education
Lovell, George Geography Latin America,especially Central America,in particular Guatemala,native peoples,especially Maya ethnic relations,Indians and the environment
Lord, Susan Art, Film & Media, Gender Studies Feminist film and media theory, women's cinema, women and media, women in film, alternative and activist media
Loock, Hans-Peter Chemistry Laser, Spectroscopy, Fiber optics, chemical sensing, photonics, photochemistry, photophysics
Logan, George M English Sir/Saint Thomas More; Renaissance humanism and the English literary Renaissance
Lock, Frederick English Eighteenth-century literature; politics and intellectual history; Jonathan Swift; Edmund Burke; Latin in the 18th century
Lobb, Edward English Modern literature,T.S. Eliot,modern art and photography
Liu, Yi Cong Electrical and Computer Engineering Wireless information transmission
Little, Margaret Gender Studies, Political Studies Poverty, welfare, single mothers, women's retraining, abused women
Li, Xinzhi School of Medicine Biolecular and medical sciences
Lewis, Magda Gender Studies, Fac of Education - Teaching Culture and Society; Postmodern, Feminist and Critical Theories; Politics of Diversity and Minoritization; Globalization and Commodification; the Culture of Higher Education; Women and Education; Social Justice and Education.
Lewis, Frank Economics North American economic history
Levison, Michael Computing and Information Science, School of Computing Computational linguistics,Natural language generation,Computer-aided language learning,Text processing, Computers in the humanities.
Lessard, Gregory French Studies, Language Laboratory, School of Computing French linguistics; natural language generation by computer; computer-aided instruction; computer-aided text analysis
Leslie, James R Physics
Leiss, William C School of Policy Studies Health and environmental risks risk management, risk communication
Leighton, Stephen Philosophy Philosophy of emotions,ancient Greek philosophy,ethics
Leighton, Deborah SPS - Director's Office Alternate dispute resolultion, arbitration, mediation, labour, employment and human rights law
Leggett, William C Biology Aquatic ecology, ecology of commercial marine fisheries, effect of physical environment (atmosphere, ocean currents, etc.) on abundance of marine fish and migration, distribution of marine fish
Leger, Andrew Biomedical & Molecular Science, Centre For Teaching & Learning Rehabilitation/clinical biomechanics and motor control,musculoskeletal disorders,clinical rehabilitation and sport
Lefebvre, Daniel Biology Gene expression in higher plants,salt tolerance,nutritional physiology
Lees, Ronald Family Medicine Occupational medicine
Lee, James Geological Science geology, geochronology, age dating of rocks, age of the earth, diffusion, age dating techniques, radioactive isotopes
Lebrun, David Pathology & Molecular Medicine Pathobiology of lymphoma Biology of leukemia Biology of cancer
Layzell, David B climate change, carbon and greenhouse gas management, bio-based products, plant physiology, plant/microbe interactions
Laycock, Henry Philosophy Philosophical logic,philosophy of language,metaphysics,Marxism
Lawson, James Psychiatry Cognitive effects of ECT; Modelling the signal in quantified EEG; Experimental design and statistical analysis.
Laughton, Bruce K B Art
Lau, Calvin School of Medicine Microbiology and immunology
Laschinger, Susan School of Nursing Nursing of adults
Lamoureux, Scott Environmental Studies, Geography Climatology, Arctic, Northern environments, Climate Change, International Polar Year
Lake, Kayll Mathematics & Statistics, Physics General relativity,relativistic astrophysics,computer algebra and symbolic computation,Maple V,Mathematica,Macsyma
Lahey, Kathleen Gender Studies, Faculty of Law Income tax, tax policy, government benefit programs, human rights, Charter of Rights (women, lesbians, gays and other minorities), Property issues related to marital status, gender, sexuality
LaBarge, Monica QSB Faculty & Support Social and ethical issues in marketing; consumer responses to marketing campaigns by governments, NGOs and non-profits; charitable giving and volunteering; intersection between public policy and marketing
Kyser, Kurtis Environmental Studies, Geological Science Exploration geochemistry, geosphere-biosphere interface, isotope tracing, ore deposits, geochemistry, geology
Kwasniewska, Ewelina School of Music Vocal music
Kukaswadia, Atif Public Health Sciences Acculturation, immigrant health, minority health, science communication, science blogging, science and social media.
Kueper, Bernard Civil Engineering Soil and groundwater contamination, soil and groundwater remediation, hydrogeology, hazardous liquid clean-up (oil & gasoline)
Krupa, Teresa Psychiatry, School of Nursing, School of Rehab Therapy Individuals with mental illness living in the community, employment and mental health, community economic development
Krull, Catherine Gender Studies, Sociology Canadian family policy, family diversity, reproductive politics, faminism, violence against women, nationalism, social change
Krstic, Vladimir Mechanical and Materials Eng Advanced ceramics processing,toughening and strengthening on SiC,Si3N4,AGO3,ceramic composite processing and testing,ceramic powder production
Kropinski, Andrew M B School of Medicine Microbial diversity; including the isolation of bacterial species; bacteriophage molecular biology, lipopolysaccharides; spirochaete; Internet tools for the analysis of protein and DNA sequence data
Koschinsky, Marlys Biomedical & Molecular Science atherosclerosis, cholesterol management, coronary heart disease, risk factors for coronary heart disease; factors affecting the efficiency of blood clot breakdown; genetic engineering, molecular biology, protein discovery
Korczynski, Alana School of Medicine Biomedical and molecular sciences
Kontopoulou, Marianna Chemical Engineering Polymer processing and rheology, thermoplastic olefin blends (TPOs), polymer nanocomposites, plastics
Kolsarici, Ceren School of Business General Marketing communications, consumer response, advertising campaigns, price promotions, brands, social media, new product introduction, box office success of blockbuster movies, pharmaceutical marketing
Kobayashi, Audrey Gender Studies, Geography Immigration, human rights, disability and access, racism, gender, Japanese Canadians
Knutsen, Wenjue Non-profit organizations. voluntary organizations, non-profit and government relationship, philanthropy.
Knutsen, Erik Faculty of Law Accident law, tort, insurance, civil litigation, class actions, automobile insurance, liability insurance, medical malpractice, litigation, personal injury.
Knox, V Jane Psychology
Knapper, Christopher Psychology, Faculty of Education, Instructional Development Improvement of teaching and learning in universities and colleges, including teaching methods, assessing students work, curriculum development, and quality assurance.
Klinger, Don Fac of Education - Teaching Large-scale educational testing; school accountability; school improvement; student achievement; education program evaluation.
Kisilevsky, Robert Pathology & Molecular Medicine relationship of amyloid and glycosaminoglycous to Alzheimer's disease,inflammation and serum amyloid A role in chloresterol transport
Kisilevsky, Barbara Psychology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, School of Nursing Fetal, infant and child development Sensory Development in the perinatal period Normal pregnancy, High-risk pregnancy
Kirby, John Psychology, Fac of Education - Teaching Psychology of reading; reading disabilities; reading comprehension; conceptions of learning; quality of learning
King, Will Community Health & Epi Water chlorination by-products and cancer, cancer epidemiology, environment epidemiology, reproductive outcomes
King, Samantha School of Kinesiology & Health Breast cancer fundraising, philanthropy, painkillers and contemporary culture, sport and militarism, sport and sexuality, sport and race.
Kim, Ki Hong Electrical and Computer Engineering Wireless information transmission
Kilpatrick, Katherine Family Medicine Latin and Greek Literature Mythology Classical Tradition in Art and Literature Renaissance Iconography
Kerr, Andrew Physics, Oncology Radiation therapy; radiation protection; medical physics: x-ray imaging; ultrasound imaging
Kemp, Susan J School of English
Kelly, Bruce School of Music Oratorio and opera
Kelley, Elizabeth Psychology Autism Spectrum Disorders, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, social cognition, language development, cognitive development
Keane, Carl Sociology Criminology, juvenile delinquency, organizational theory, corrections, research methods
Kavanagh, Bernard Classics Roman History,all periods but especially Early Rome (pre-5th century B.C.) and the Empire from 43 B.C. to around A.D. 250. Latin and Italic linguistics.
Katsabanis, Panagiotis Robert M Buchan Dept of Mining Explosives technology; detonation physics; blasting physics
Karton, Joshua Faculty of Law International Arbitration Contracts Commercial Law Sale of Goods Vienna Sales Convention (CISG)
Kan, Frederick Biomedical & Molecular Science Reproductive biology, female reproductive tract, gametes, fertilization
Kamphuis, J William Civil Engineering Coastal engineering, coastal erosion, coastal management, shorelines, harbours, storm surge
Kalin, Rudolf Psychology Ethnic and multicultural attitudes, ethnic identity, evaluative reactions to accent variations, gender and occupational participation
Kaib, Nathan Andrew Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy Physics, astronomy
Kahana, Tsvi Faculty of Law Public law, constitutional law, legislatures and legislation.
Jordan, Michael P Mechanical Engineering Linguistics and technical communication, technical writing, legal writing, stylistics
Jones, Mark English William Wordsworth,history of literary criticism,literature and economics
Jones, Jessica Psychiatry, Psychology Clinical and forensic psychology, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, sexuality, risk assessment, Asperger's Syndrome.
Jones, Gordon Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine Emergency medicine,emergency medical dispatch,paramedics,firefighter defibrillation programs
Joneja, Madan G School of Medicine Anatomy and cell biology
Jolly, Rosemary English, History, School of Kinesiology & Health HIV/AIDS research and interventions, Southern African literatures and cultures
Johnstone, Ian P Physics, Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy Nuclear structure theory,shell model techniques
Johnston, Shawna Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Urology Urogynaecology
Johnston, James Fac of Education - Teaching Social justice curriculum, history of educational ideas
Johnson, Lewis QSB Faculty & Support Corporate finance, financial markets, mutual fund performance
Jnifene, Amor Mechanical and Materials Engineering Robot dynamics and control, intelligent control, vehicle dynamics
Jia, Zongchao Biomedical & Molecular Science Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, breast cancer cells, treatment of E. coli
Jhamandas, Khem Anesthesiology & Periop Med, Biomedical & Molecular Science Drugs (morphine-like narcotics) and the brain
Jeswiet, Jacob Mechanical and Materials Eng Manufacturing, sustainable product development (environment).
Jessop, Philip Chemistry, Environmental Studies Green chemistry, carbon dioxide, solvents, catalysts, hydrogen, supercritical fluids
Jerkiewicz, Gregory Chemistry Electrochemistry, corrosion, fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen, materials science, surface science, biocompatible materials, electrochemical surface treatment
Jeong, Cheol Electrical and Computer Engineering Wireless information transmission
Jennings, Donald B School of Medicine Acid-base balance,respiratory control,hypoxia,respiratory acidosis,renin-angiotensin system
Jarrett, Francis Psychiatry Phobias, anxiety disorders including panic and obsessive compulsive disorder
Jaramillo, Grace Political Studies Andean region countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru; Latin American governance bodies.
Jamieson, Mary Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics Adolescent and paediatric gynecology
Jamieson, Margaret School of Rehab Therapy Social participation and friendships of children and adolescents with diabilities, social participation
Jamieson, Heather Geological Science Environmental impact of mining, arsenic in the environment, metal contaminants in soil, dust and mine tailings, synchrotron analysis
Jain, Praveen Electrical & Computer Eng Energy efficient electronics
Jacobson, Jill Psychology Depression, end-of-life medical decision-making, stereotyping
Jackson, Richard L School of Business Employment law, labour relations, conflict resolution
Islam, Omar Diagnostic Radiology CT scans and MRI of the brain and spinal cord
Irwin, Judith Physics Astronomy, Milky Way and other galaxies, galaxy outflows
Ibarguchi, Gabriela School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Biodiversity; conservation; evolution; ecology; polar habitats; mountains; harsh environments; marine biology; ornithology; wildlife genetics.
Huyck, Julia Psychology Auditory perception, perceptual learning
Hutchinson, Nancy Fac of Education - Teaching Learning disabilities, workplace learning, co-operative education
Hurlbut, David Pathology & Molecular Medicine Gastrointestinal pathology
Hsu, Cheng C Chemical Engineering
Howse, Ena L School of Nursing Management and leadership in nursing
Hossain, Mohammad Akhtar Chemistry Chemistry
Hopman, Wilma Community Health & Epi Quality of life, chronic disease
Hopkins-Rosseel, Diana School of Rehab Therapy Cardiac rehabilitation
Holmes, John Geography North American automobile industry
Hoeniger, Cathleen Art History Italian medieval and renaissance painting
Hodson, Peter Biology Water quality, Great Lakes, oil spills, oil sands and pulp mills
Hodgetts, P Geoffrey Family Medicine Global health Afghanistan health care system and development Balkans post-conflict development and reconstruction
Hodge, Gerald J F School of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Graduate Studies
Hobbs, Robert Family Medicine Grief and bereavement, chronic pain
Higginson, William C Computers and technology in education
Hiebert, Janet Political Studies Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian federalism, party finance, electoral spending
Henriksen, Richard N Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy Astrophysics, galaxies, gravity
Henderson , Victoria Geography, Political Studies Latin-America: capitalism, free markets, privatization, neoliberalism, protectionism, socialism (particularly "new Left" movements), especially Guatemala, Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras, Chile. Freedom of the press, drug wars, mining, Canada-Latin America relations.
Helland, Janice Art History, Gender Studies Late 19th and early 20th century British and Irish Arts and Crafts,Home Arts and Industries,Scottish women artists
Hawryshyn, Craig Biology Visual ecology, evolution and behavior, retinal development, structure and function, environmental light and disturbances to water clarity, biology of fishes.
Hassan, Yousef School of Medicine Cancer biology and genetics
Harvey, Marie-Andree Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Urology Gynaecology, pelvic floor and pregnancy
Harrison, Stephen Mechanical and Materials Eng Solar energy, energy conservation
Harris, Thomas Chemical Engineering Statistical methods in chemical engineering
Harkness, Kathryn Psychology, Psychiatry Depression in adolescents and adults
Hanson, Lynne Gender Studies, Faculty of Law Criminal law, mental health law and health law, evidence and feminist legal theory
Hanson, Elizabeth English Shakespeare, renaissance drama, education in Shakespeare's England
Hansen, Klaus J History
Hanes, David Physics Solar system, astronomy, galaxy formation, evolution of galaxies
Hand, Martin Sociology Sociology of technology, internet culture and politics, consumption of technology
Hancock, David School of Kinesiology & Health Relative age effects, birthplace effects, talent development, referees
Hamm, Jean-Jacques N French Studies
Hamilton, Roberta Institute of Women's Studies, Sociology, Women's Studies Canadian political economy, Quebec society, historical sociology
Hall, Stephen Oncology, Otolaryngology Head and neck cancer,neurotology
Gyimah, Stephen Sociology Demography, Population and Health, in sub-Saharan Africa, Applied Statistics
Guerrero Alba, Raquel School of Medicine Gastrointestinal diseases research, visceral pain, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases
Guay, Martin Mathematics & Statistics, Chemical Engineering Control systems, Process control, Process optimization, Systems theory
Groome, Patricia Community Health & Epi, Oncology Head and neck cancer, prostate cancer
Groll, Dianne Psychiatry Quality of life, population surveys. Ontario Universal Influenza Immunization Program
Grogan, Paul Biology Arctic terrestrial ecosystems, Plant ecology, Soil ecology, Global change, Shifting cultivation in the sub-Tropics
Gregg, Richard Medicine, Oncology Clinical oncology,lung cancer
Greer, Peter Biomedical & Molecular Science, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Cancer, leukemia
Greenfield, Richard P H History Byzantine history, religion and magic; the crusades.
Green, Michael School of Medicine Primary care, quality of care, aboriginal health
Green, Mark Mathematics & Statistics, Fac of Education - Teaching, Civil Engineering Bridge structures, bridge-vehicle dynamics, highway bridges
Green, Leslie John Mackie Faculty of Law Human rights law, philosophy of law.
Grandmaison, Edward W Chemical Engineering Alternative transportation fuels
Graham, Charles Biomedical & Molecular Science, Urology biology of pregnancy, cancer progression and biology of the placenta, diseases of pregnancy
Graham, C Nicholas School of Computing Video game design, video game development
Gordon, John R M School of Business Operations management, workplace flexibility, occupational health and safety
Gordon, David School Urban Regional Plan Urban planning, waterfront redevelopment, capital cities, Canadian suburbs, Ottawa-Gatineau history, urban design
Goodspeed, C Shannon School of Business Organizational behaviour
Goldberg, Ellen Gender Studies Hinduism, Buddhism, Gender and Religion.
Godwin, Noah Family Medicine Family medicine, blood pressure, hypertension and cardiovasular health
Godlewska, Anne Geography Imperial and colonial geographies; The history of mapping and geography; Unawareness of Aboriginal peoples as a colonial strategy
Godin, Laurent Geological Science Earthquakes and fault lines, Himalayans
Glynn, Peter A R School of Medicine Health care policy, planning, governance and management
Glasgow, Janice School of Computing Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Ginsburg, A David School of Medicine
Gilron, Ian Anesthesiology & Periop Med, Biomedical & Molecular Science Post-operative pain, neuropathic pain, pain management
Gilbert, Robert E Geography Great Lakes and environmental issues, the study of lakes and oceanography, history of the ice age
Giardini Rosa, Renata Mechanical and Materials Engineering Human mobility research centre
Ghozati, Kazem Chemistry Organic chemistry
Ghaffari, Abdi School of Medicine Biochemistry, cell biology, cell culture, microscopy
Gedcke-Kerr, Laura School of Nursing Pediatric nursing
Gazor, Saeed Mathematics & Statistics, Electrical & Computer Eng Array signal processing, wireless communication systems, signal processing, speech processing, data fusion
Gartshore, Donelda School of Music Flute
Gagnon, Louis QSB Faculty & Support Risk management, capital markets, banking system, market regulation, derivatives
Funk, Colin Biomedical & Molecular Science Biomedical and molecular sciences, abdominal aortic aneurysm, cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis/arteriosclerosis), stem cells, urea cycle disorders
Friesen, Victoria Biology Molecular genetics, phylogenetics, evolutionary theory
Freeman, Peter School of Music Classical saxophone performance and teaching
Freedman, Nelson L Psychology
Freedman, David Faculty of Law Wills, Estates and Succession Law; Trusts Law; Incapacity Law and Substitute Decision-Making; Elder Law; Elder Abuse and Neglect
Frederickson, Karen School of Music, Fac of Education - Teaching Art education, music education, choral music, performance ability, encoding and spatial ability, physiology and performance
Franks, Charles E S Political Studies Canadian politics (federal and provincial), public administration, parliamentary government, accountability of government
Foutse, Khomh Electrical and Computer Engineering Software maintenance, software testing, service-centric software engineering
Fort, Timothy Drama Musical Theatre Stage Lighting Stage Directing
Forster-Gibson, Cynthia J School of Medicine Genetics, neurodegenrative conditions, hereditary cancer, autism
Forsdyke, Donald Biomedical & Molecular Science AIDS, William Bateson, Biohistory, Bioinformatics, Samuel Butler, Charles Darwin, Evolution, History of Queen's University, Immunology, Peer Review, Research Funding System, George Romanes, Theoretical Biology
Flynn, Lauren Chemical Engineering, Biomedical & Molecular Science Adipose-derived stem cells, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, natural biomaterials, cell culture
Fletcher, Robin Physics Materials science, properties of semiconductors, semiconductor devices, electrical and thermal properties of materials, thermoelectricity
Flavin, Michael Biomedical & Molecular Science, Paediatrics Neonatology, pediatric respiratory disorders, premature infants
Flanagan, William F Faculty of Law International trade and investment law, property law.
Fitneva, Stanka Psychology Language, language development, psycholinguistics, expertise judgments, children's reliability judgments, memory development, eye-tracking
Fisher, Alfred Continuing and Distance Studies, School of Music Arts in contemporary life, arts in education, arts policy, contemporary music
Fichtinger, Gabor School of Computing, Electrical & Computer Eng, Mechanical and Materials Eng, Surgery medical robotics computer assisted surgery medical image computing
Feldman-Stewart, Deborah Oncology Cognitive psychology, visual information processes, decision processes, patient education
Farr, Dorothy M Art
Fam, Hala Chemical Engineering Chemical and mechanical engineering
Falkner, Caroline Classics Greek history and historiography; family studies; Sparta
Fachinger, Petra English Transnational studies, ethnic minority/diasporic writing, Postwar German Jewish literature, Turkish German literature, German film, Asian American/Canadian literature
Evans, Heather English Food, food history, food culture
Evans, Gerald Biomedical & Molecular Science, Medicine, Medicine-Infectious Diseases, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Influenza, pandemic influenza planning, antimicrobial pharmacology, human infectious diseases, herpes virus infections, HIV infection, antibiotic resistance, health technology assessment, drug reimbursement policy
Essert, Chris Faculty of Law Jurisprudence, property.
Epprecht, Marc Global Dev Studies Africa, gender, sexuality, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, history of development, colonialism
English, Allan History English, history, Canadian military history, military culture, military and veterans’ health
Engen, Robert History Canadian military history, First World War, Second World War, disease and public health. 
Ellis, Anne Biomedical & Molecular Science, Medicine, Medicine-Allergy Allergy, Immunology, Allergic Rhinitis (Hayfever), Anaphylaxis, Clinic Trials, Clinical Research, Food Allergy.
Elliott, Bruce Biomedical & Molecular Science, Oncology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Breast cancer, tumor growth and metastasis, receptor signalling, extracellular matrix, stromal cell interactions
Egnatoff, William Fac of Education - Teaching Computers in education, computer science teacher education, Internet use in education, global education through international collaboration.
Eckert, Christopher Biology Evolution, population genetics, botany, plant reproduction, biological invasions
Dupont-Salter, Anne-Caroline School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Neuromuscular electrical simulation for therapy and function, neuromuscular implants, biomedical engineering
Duncan, Martin Physics Astronomy and astrophysics, comets, asteroids, solar system
Dumas, Genevieve Gender Studies, School of Kinesiology & Health, Mechanical and Materials Eng Spine Biomechanics
Dufraimont, Lisa Faculty of Law Criminal law, evidence.
Duffin, Jacalyn History, Philosophy, Fac of Education - Teaching, Faculty Health Sci Office Ops 19th and 20th century medicine, disease concepts and diagnosis, religion and medicine, medical education
Dubinsky, Karen Gender Studies, Global Dev Studies, History International/interracial adoption, global childhood issues, Cuban studies, tourism, Niagara Falls, Canada and the Third World, Canadian women's history, history of sexuality
Drover, John Surgery-General Surgery Critical care medicine
Driver, Helen School of Medicine Sleep, sleep disorders, women's sleep. 
Dow, Kimberly Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics Neonatology; paediatric research
Douglas, Heather Human Resources
Doshi, Samir Kiran Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Industrial ecology, sustainability science
Donald, Betsy Geography, School Urban Regional Plan The geography, political science, economics, and social psychology of cities, critical social theories, political ecology
Dods, Jennifer School of Nursing Mental health, mental health literacy in teacher candidates and nursing students, child and adolescents, psychiatric/mental health nursing, trauma and traumatic stress
Ding, Weili SPS - Director's Office Economics of education, public economics and the economy of China
Dignam, Marc Physics Theoretical and computational research in optics and condensed matter physics. Current research interests include: nonlinear optics, quantum optics in photonic crystals and microcavities, optical waveguide arrays, and ultrafast coherent dynamics of excitons in semiconductor nanostructures.
Dickey, Stephanie Art art history (Renaissance and Baroque)
Di Stefano, Philippe Physics Dark Matter, particle physics, instrumentation
Dexter, David Pathology & Molecular Medicine Human tumour pathology including gastrointestinal,head and neck,breast and soft tissue tumours
Detomasi, David QSB Faculty & Support International relations, corporate governance, oil and gas industry, international political economy, international security
Dennis, Robert School of Religion, History Roman Catholicism, the Vatican, ice hockey, American football.
Delva, M Dianne School of Medicine medical education,family medicine
Delisle, Gloria J School of Medicine clinical microbiology, infectious disease, technology in education
Deir, Elspeth Fac of Education - Teaching CRB Foundation Heritage Project,Canadian Heritage fairs.
Deeley, Roger Biomedical & Molecular Science, Oncology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Molecular oncology, molecular endocrinology, mechanisms of drug resistance, basic cancer research, cancer genetics and genes, hormones and cancer
Dean, Thomas School of Computing, Electrical & Computer Eng Design recovery, automated software transformation, software security, programming concepts, software development and evolution
Deakin, Janice School of Kinesiology & Health Human motor performance, acquisition of motor skills, physical selection and maintenance standards
De Wolfe, Judith School of Nursing Nutrition, community nutrition, nutrition education
De Witt, David Art Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo art
De Souza, Euler Robert M Buchan Dept of Mining Rock mechanics, mine environment, computer applications in mining
de Groot, Peter Environmental Studies, Biology Arctic wildlife issues, especially Polar Bears and community based monitoring.
De Chavez, Jeremy English, Gender Studies Masculinity studies, psychoanalytic theory, post-colonial studies, cultural studies, southeast Asian literature and film
Davison, Colleen Community Health & Epi Public health, population health, child and adolescent health, Inuit and northern health, global health and development, social justice, health equity, disadvantaged populations
Davis, Alfred QSB Faculty & Support Capital markets, corporate finance, financial markets, foreign exchange
Davies, John R Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Davies, Gregory School of Kinesiology & Health, Diagnostic Radiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Obstetrics pregnancy, high risk pregnancy, preterm labour, ultrasound, amniocentesis, Substance use in pregnancy, obesity in pregnancy
Davidson, Thomas School of Music Piano, Musicianship skills (workshop animator, music festival/competition adjudicator and administrator (provincial and national), external examiner.
Davidson, Judith Psychology, Oncology Insomnia and sleep issues.
Davey, Scott Biomedical & Molecular Science, Oncology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine DNA damage and repair, cell division, radiation biology, mutation, yeast genetics, genomics, oncology, pathology
Daugulis, Andrew Chemical Engineering, Biomedical & Molecular Science Producing ethanol from renewable resources, alternative automotive fuel
Danby, Ryan Environmental Studies, Geography Landscape ecology; National Parks and Protected Areas; Arctic and alpine ecosystems
Dalrymple, Robert Environmental Studies, Geological Science Clastic sedimentology, coastal environments, environmental geology, lake-level change, glacial geology
Dagnone, Eugene Emergency Medicine Emergency medical services, emergency department administration, emergency medicine personnel
Dacin, Tina QSB Faculty & Support, School of Business General Organizational behaviour, business networks, personal leadership, management, telecommunications
Cunningham, Peggy School of Business Marketing, marketing ethics, corporate social responsibility, marketing strategy, branding, and promotion strategies
Cunningham, Michael Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Polymers, solution polymerization, water-based polymerizations, living radical polymerization, molecules
Cummings, Michael Classics Latin and Greek literature in general,and poetry in particular. Love poetry is my main focus.Research ancient attitudes towards and ideas about love,and sex. Political dissent in the ancient world and Greek and Roman myth and myth interpretation.
Cumming, Brian Biology, Environmental Studies Freshwater biology, aquatic ecosystems, lake acidification, drought cycles
Croy, Anne Biomedical & Molecular Science, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Reproductive Immunology, Mouse pregnancy
Cross, Barry QSB Faculty & Support Operations management, service management, project management
Cressler, Clayton Edward Biology Ecology and evolutionary biology, math
Crandall, Erin Political Studies Canadian constitutional politics, Supreme Court appointments, Canadian intergovernmental relations, Canadian election law.
Craig, Wendy Psychology Aggression in children and adolescents, bullying, juvenile delinquence, gender differences in aggression, peer relations in childhood and adolescence, anti-violence and anti-bullying intervention programs
Craig, Gordon School of Music Clarinet
Cox, Wayne Political Studies International Relations, Middle East, Conflict/War, Nationalism/Religious Identity, Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy, US Foreign Policy (areas studied:Turkey (Kurds), Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine).
Courchene, Thomas Economics, Faculty of Law, School of Policy Studies Canadian constitution, economy, fiscal federalism, social policy, financial deregulation, the political economy of Canada's regions
Cotton, Dorothy Psychology Stress management, coping with change, issues relating to aging and the elderly
Cote, Jean School of Kinesiology & Health, Fac of Education - Teaching developmental and psychosocial factors that affect sport and physical activity performance and participation, behaviors within family, performers and coaches that create favorable conditions for excellence and participation in sports
Cooper, William QSB Faculty & Support Organizational theory, organizational behaviour, leadership
Connidis, Justin Faculty of Law Mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate governance and responsibility, securities regulation, mineral exploration and mining law. Adjunct, Faculty of Law; Of Counsel, Dickinson Wright LLP; experienced corporate director and officer with public companies in high technology, manufacturing, real estate development and services sectors; former General Counsel, Ontario Securities Commission.
Collins, Jeffrey History History of political thought and religion in early modern Europe, history of liberalism, religious war, religious toleration
Collier, Christine Pathology & Molecular Medicine Clinical Biochemistry,Laboratory Utilization,Troponin I,Internal and External Quality Control,Lipids.
Cole, Susan Biomedical & Molecular Science, Oncology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine Experimental cancer chemotherapy; membrane proteins; drug resistance
Clark, George English Beowulf,Old English,history of the English Language,Viking Studies,Old Kilandic
Ciccarelli, Gabriel Mechanical and Materials Eng Gas explosions, fast flames, detonations, internal combustion engines
Christou, Theodore Curriculum reform, citizenship and education, civic engagement of students and teachers, history and social studies curriculum and teaching, history of education, education and politics, philosophy of education, labour relations and education, education in international contexts, publishing and propaganda in education, education and its relationship to the public good.
Christianson, Paul History
Chowdhury, Amitava History 19th century British Empire, British Caribbean, Southwestern Indian Ocean, labour migrations, diasporas, archaeology of slavery, global and transnational history. 
Chippindale, Adam Biology Evolution, reproductive strategies, sexual conflict, evolution of aging, evolution of reproduction
Chin, Peter Faculty of Education Science education, teacher education, co-operative education, teaching abroad
Cheung, Sarah Hey Fung Sociology Sociology, surveillance studies
Cheng, Liying Fac of Education - Teaching Foreign language education, language testing, curriculum program and design
Chen, Dongmei Environmental Studies, Geography Spatial analysis, GIS, remote sensing, image classification, environmental monitoring, spatial-temporal disease modeling
Chaykowski, Richard Faculty of Law, SPS - Director's Office Unions and labour relations, workplace change and technology, globalization, labour policy
Charlesworth, Susan E Faculty of Law Poverty law, landlord and tenant law, disability benefits, human rights
Chan, Yolande QSB Faculty & Support Knowledge management, information technology strategic alignment and performance, knowledge management and information privacy
Chamberlain, Daniel Languages Literatures Cultures Literary theory,comparative literature,Spanish-American literature
Chadwick, June School of Medicine Comparative immunology,immune responses in insects,inductors and mediators on immune effectors in insects,inter-relation of pathogenesis and insect host response to pseudomonas aeruginosa and other gram-negative bacteria
Cartledge, John Electrical & Computer Eng Optical fiber communication systems, telecommunication transmission systems
Carson, Scott QSB Faculty & Support, School of Business General Business ethics corporate social responsibility management education: MBA programs corporate governance
Carson, James History History of First Nations, United States history
Carrington, Tucker Chemistry, Physics Theoretical chemistry, calculating spectra, numerical algorithms
Carpenter, Mary W English, Institute of Women's Studies History of sexuality, masculinity and gender, Victorian literature
Caron, Caroline History Quebec and Acadian history and culture, intellectual history, popular culture, fan studies
Carmichael, Hugh Economics Mandatory retirement, pensions, unions, academic tenure, philanthropy
Carmichael, Dugald M Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Cannon, William QSB Faculty & Support Corporate finance, finance, financial management, regulatory economics
Campbell, Thomas Ivan Civil Engineering
Campbell, Peter History Canadian working class, women's history, Aboriginal history, the history of Quebec history of anarchist and socialist thought
Campbell, Linda Environmental Studies Great Lakes, aquatic ecology, fish, environmental contaminants
Cameron, C David School of Music Organ, Choral Conducting, Harmony/Counterpoint
Butler, Brian School of Computing Attention and visual perception, reading and reading disabilities, computational models of human performance, cognitive science and the nature of the human mind.
Burge, Philip Psychiatry Adoption in Ontario (public adoptions), developmental disabilities and mental health
Burge, John School of Music Music composition, Canada's classical music industry
Burfoot, Annette Gender Studies, Sociology Reproductive and genetic engineering technologies, science and technology studies (Canada, Italy), gender
Buchanan, Susan Psychology Psychology/psychiatry, mental health, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, eating disorders
Buchan, P Bruce School of Business
Bu, Nailin QSB Faculty & Support Asian Pacific, international business
Bryson, Samuel Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Oncology Gynecologic Oncology and Colposcopy.
Bryant, Timothy School of Kinesiology & Health, Mechanical and Materials Eng, Surgery Knee mechanics, artificial joints, ergonomics
Browse, Roger School of Computing Human-machine interaction and virtual reality
Brown, Stephen Chemistry Water quality issues, water purification, environmental contaminants
Brown, Robert Stanley Chemistry Military chemical weapons, destruction of chemical weapons.
Brown, Ann School of Nursing, School of Rehab Therapy Nursing in acute care,persons with coronary artery disease,exercise activity,smoking behaviour
Brouwer, Brenda School of Kinesiology & Health, School of Rehab Therapy Changes in physical function and mobilty with aging and following stroke - Motor cortical modulation and reorganization secondary to altered use and/or neurologic impairment
Brohman, Kathryn QSB Faculty & Support Project Management, Co-creation of Value, and Agile Sofware Development
Brodt, Susan Psychology, QSB Faculty & Support Negotiations, trust, leadership, technology, work relationships, organizational behaviour
Brodhagen, Lacey School of Medicine Microbiology, immunology
Brock, Kathy Political Studies, SPS - Director's Office Third sector issues (ie, voluntary sector, nonprofits, charities), Canadian politics and government, constitutional issues, federalism, intergovernmental relations, Aboriginal political issues
Brison, Robert Community Health & Epi, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine Injury prevention and control, assessment of work-related injuries, emergency medicine
Brien, James Biomedical & Molecular Science, Psychiatry Pharmacology and toxicology,the central nervous system,manifestations of fetal alcohol syndrome,effects of prenatal ethanol exposure,drug and neurochemical analysis,pharmacology and toxicology of alcohol
Bridges, Terry Planets, star clusters, galaxies, astrobiology, comets, asteroids. 
Brander, Rosemary School of Rehab Therapy Customer care and care relationships within the healthcare sector. Organizational learning and change initiatives with interprofessional teams. Member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and Ontario Physiotherapy Association.
Boyce, William Social Program Evaluation Group, School of Medicine Adolescence and well-being, international social development, community rehabilitation programs, social policy, physical and occupational therapy, cerebral palsy
Bonnaventure, Philip Geography Geography, climate change
Bonier, Frances Biology Environmental physiology, behavioral ecology, animal responses to urbanization, endocrinology
Bond, Sheryl L International on-line learning in higher education, health and well-being of women leaders, cross-cultural education, public policy and education
Bond, Edward J Philosophy
Bolte, Barbara School of Music Music, orchestra music, keyboard training
Boegman, Roland Biomedical & Molecular Science Neuropharmacology,neurotoxicity,neuroprotection
Boag, Peter Biology Ecological genetics of birds and mammals,birds,ecology,DNA fingerprinting,molecular ecology,conservation genetics,Galapagos,Arctic,molecular systematics
Boadway, Robin Economics Canadian economic policy, fiscal federalism, tax theory and policy, public sector economics and welfare economics
Bly, Peter A Spanish and Italian Spanish novel of the 19th and 20th centuries,especially Galdas,Spanish literature of the 19th and 20th centuries,contemporary Spanish society and politics
Blostein, Dorothea School of Computing Interface between paper and electronic versions of documents; development of computer technology to read, write and edit music notations, maps and architectural drawings
Blohm, Gunnar Arts & Sci Faculty Office, School of Computing, Biomedical & Molecular Science Computational/theoretical neuroscience, sensory-motor transformations, neural networks, multi-sensory integration
Bland, Douglas SPS - MPA Defence policy making and management at national and international levels, civil-military relations, functioning of defence ministries, Canadian military
Blackwell, Garston Robert M Buchan Dept of Mining Open pit mining, ore preserves, underground mining
Bissonette, Gary Continuing & Distance Studies, QSB Faculty & Support, School of Business General Business management, not-for-profit management, new business start-up.
Birtwhistle, Richard Community Health & Epi, Family Medicine Primary care,family medicine
Bickis, Ugis Robert M Buchan Dept of Mining, Community Health & Epi Climate change, environmental (Human) health: its risk anticipation, assessment, communication and control.
Bickenbach, Jerome Philosophy, School of Rehab Therapy, Faculty of Law Mental and physical disabilities, social policy, activism, political movements, sociology of disability, equality
Berman, Bruce Political Studies Ethnic politics and conflict, with special reference to Africa; globalization; African politics and development, esp. Kenya, Ghana and South Africa; social and political aspects of science and technology
Berg, Margaret English Victorian literature,literary theory,feminist theory and French and psychoanalytic theories
Bennett, Brian Biomedical & Molecular Science Vascular Pharmacology
Beninger, Richard Psychology, Psychiatry Behavioural neuroscience, neurotransmitters and behaviour, learning and memory, dopamine, animal models, schizophrenia
Bendena, William Biology Insect molecular biology,insect neuropeptides,receptors
Beck, Ivan T School of Medicine Gastroenterology, Previous research: esophagus, intestinal absorption, pancreatic physiology and function, small intestinal blood flow, Recent interests: History of medicine, ethics health care delivery
Beaudette, Eileen School of Music Viola, Chamber music
Beauchemin, Diane Chemistry Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), analytical chemistry, trace element analysis of a variety of materials, flow injection analysis, environmental applications, bio-accessibility studies, speciation analysis
Bearse, Neil Digital marketing, social media, technology (mobile phones, tablets, computers, software, the Web), music industry.
Beamish, Robin Continuing & Distance Studies, School of Kinesiology & Health, Sociology Classical Social Theory; Sociology of Sport
Beach, Charles Economics Income distribution, income inequality, Canadian labour markets.
Bayoumi, Mohamed Electrical and Computer Engineering
Basta, Sameh Biomedical & Molecular Science Virus-host interaction, T cell responses to virus infection and virus escape mechainsms, antigen processing and class I MHC presentation, heat shock proteins and immunological cross-priming, Immunostimulation (vaccines),
Basser, Herbert School of Religion Hebrew,Hebrew scriptures,religion and culture
Barz, Dominik Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Eng Computational/theoretical neuroscience, sensory-motor transformations, neural networks, multi-sensory integration
Barling, Julian QSB Faculty & Support, School of Business General Workplace stress and violence, labour relations, leadership, unions, work and family, occupational health and safety, organizational behavior
Barber, Gerald Geography Statistical methods
Baranchuk, Adrian School of Medicine Arrhythmias, ablation, syncope, electrocardiogram, sleep apnea & cardiovascular diseases, snow shovelling & risk of heart attack, pacemakers, defibrillators, Brugada syndrome and sudden death, sudden death, QT prolongation. 
Banting, Keith Political Studies, SPS - Director's Office Welfare state in Canada, social policy, Canadian politics, Federal-provincial relations, social policy, comparative public policy (Canada-U.S.)
Banks, Kevin Faculty of Law Labour and employment law, with a particular focus on collective bargaining, freedom of association under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, international labour law, corporate codes of conduct, human rights in the workplace, and labour policy making in light of economic and demographic trends.
Bala, Nicholas Faculty of Law Family and children's law, child abuse and child protection, juvenile justice: young offenders, custody, access, child support, divorce, adoption, legal definition of family, same sex relationships, Charter of Rights
Bakhurst, David Philosophy, Fac of Education - Teaching Philosophical psychology, ethics, epistemology, Russian philosophy, philosophy of education
Bakan, Abigail Gender Studies, Political Studies Anti-oppression politics and Marxist theory; intersections of gender, race and class; theories of oppression, alienation and exploitation in political economy; citizenship; employment equity policy in Canada
Baird, Michael Chemistry Organometallic chemistry,catalysis,metallurene polymerization catalysts,inorganic chemistry.
Baines, Beverley Women's equality rights particularly the intersection of sex equality and religious freedom under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; decriminalization of polygamy; un/constitutionality of Bill 94 (Quebec's niqab ban); un/constitutionality of Ontario's "ban" on faith-based family law arbitrations; feminist judges and judging on the Canadian Supreme Court, especially the late Justice Bertha Wilson.
Bailey, Martha Faculty of Law Family law, children's law, alternative dispute resolution, children's rights, marriage and cohabitation, same-sex marriage, international child abduction, international adoption
Baer, Marvin G Faculty of Law Commercial law
Atherton, David L Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy Magnetics,non-destructive inspection, inspection of oil and gas pipelines, water supply and the effects of stress on magnetic properties, remote field eddy current, ferromagnetic hystersis,barkhausen noise, magnetically levitated high speed rail
Ashbury, Edwin Anesthesiology & Periop Med, Paediatrics Anaesthesia,paediatric anaesthesia
Ascough, Richard Theological College Jesus; Bible; New Testament; Roman Religions; Ancient Judaism; Online teaching and learning
Aronson, Kristan Environmental Studies, Community Health & Epi Cancer epidemiology; environmental and occupational epidemiology; breast and prostate cancers; systematic reviews
Arnold, Stephen J School of Business Marketing, retail store patronage
Archibald, Valerie Fac of Education - Teaching Elementary physical education, self defence
Archibald, James Robert M Buchan Dept of Mining Mine support design,radiation protection (radon gas mitigation),environmental assessment (re-mining),rock mechanics/rock bursting
Andrew, John S School of Environmental Studies, School of Business, School of Graduate Studies Commercial real estate - incl. trends, markets, investment, financial analysis, development, environmental issues Residential real estate - wide variety of topics environmental planning and management - wide variety of topics Conflict management and public consultation - primarily in real estate and environmental planning
Anderson, Ronald Mechanical and Materials Eng Vehicle dynamics,multibody dynamics
Anderson, Bruce Civil Engineering Environmental engineering, water treatment, wastewater treatment, water pollution, ecological engineering, natural and engineered biological systems
Amyot, Grant Political Studies European Union, Italian politics, European politics, political thought, Marxism, economic policy
Amsden, Brian Chemical Engineering Polymer biomaterials, therapeutic angiogenesis, drug delivery, controlled release, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine
Amani, Bita Faculty of Law Advanced intellectual property law, copyright, trademarks, unfair competition, information privacy.
Altrows, Irwin Psychology Cognitive therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
Allik, Kristi School of Music Multimedia, music technology, acoustic music, jazz, composition
Allan, Blaine Film & Media Canadian film, general film, TV culture
Alexandrowicz, George W Faculty of Law International law, wills and trusts, international law of the sea, land transactions.
Alboim, Naomi School of Policy Studies Immigration, human rights, culture, labour market training and workplace practices.
Alajaji, Fady Mathematics & Statistics, Electrical & Computer Eng Information theory, wireless communications, data compression, coding, multimedia communications.
Akl, Selim Mathematics & Statistics, School of Computing Unconventional computation and natural computation
Aiken, Sharryn Faculty of Law international refugee law and policy, Canadian immigration issues, security issues in the context of immigration and refugee policy.
Adell, Bernard Faculty of Law Labour and employment law,studies the regulation of strikes and lockouts in essential services,employment law reform
Adams, Michael School of Kinesiology & Health, Biomedical & Molecular Science, Urology Kidney (Renal) Pharmacology, Physiology and Pathophysiology Cardiovascular consequences of chronic kidney disease. Treatment of hypertension Mechanistic basis of cardiovascular disease Sexual Medicine: erectile dysfunction particularly related to cardiovascular underpinnings Mechanistic basis of disorders of the circulation
Adams, Mary School of Kinesiology & Health, Sociology Gender and sexuality of sport and exercise; history and sociology of sport, fitness and exercise; figure skating; walking; history and sociology of sexuality
Ableson, Alan Mathematics & Statistics, Centre For Teaching & Learning Mathematics and statistics, numerical methods
Aarssen, Lonnie William Biology Plant biology, botany, ecology, conservation
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