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2010 Federal Budget


Queen’s University Professors Kathleen Lahey, Louis Gagnon and Tom Courchene are available to discuss the 2010 federal budget.
Kathleen Lahey
Law Professor Kathleen Lahey is available before and after the budget is tabled.
Professor Lahey has written a report (available to the media) titled Budget 2010: Will Women Continue to be Shut Out?
“Everything this government has done to date has reinforced women's inequalities in spending, tax, and budget allocations substantially. It is time for a change,” says Professor Lahey. “This government does not appear to understand the demographic aspect of the budget issues facing them -- women have been the 'backbone' of Canada's labour income growth over the last several years, but they literally cannot work any more hours in the day without some help with care responsibilities. This government also does not appear to understand (or care about) the importance of improving workplace equality for women so that their work does actually pay -- otherwise they will become less and less able to afford to raise children either with a second parent or as single parents.”
Professor Lahey is an expert on all tax systems and social spending, fiscal issues, business incentive, and international tax issues. She wrote the first book on corporate tax law published in Canada.
Louis Gagnon
School of Business Professor Louis Gagnon is available to speak to the media after the budget is tabled.
Dr. Gagnon is an expert on capital markets and risk-management. He is a seasoned practitioner who oversaw the bank's global interest rate derivatives exposures and developed risk-management methodologies and policies during his stint in senior management at the Royal Bank of Canada. He consults for a number of organizations in the finance and the non-finance sectors and is actively involved in executive development both in Canada and abroad.
Tom Courchene
Economics Professor Tom Courchene will be in the lock-up while the budget is tabled and available for comment immediately following (around 4 pm ET).
Dr. Courchene was Chair of the Ontario Economic Council from 1982 to 1985, has been a Senior Fellow of the C.D. Howe Institute (1980-99), is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (elected 1981) and is a Past President (1991/92) of the Canadian Economics Association.
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