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Aboriginal insurrection looming?


Queen’s University Professor Douglas Bland says that conditions are ripe for a major aboriginal insurrection in Canada.
“Root causes, long-standing grievances, a place where an insurgency is feasible, and then an accident, a peaceful protest that goes awry, a serious policy error, or the arrival in the community of a unifying radical leader, a Castro, a Guevara, or a Chavez…these leaders take possession of the grievance, and use it for their own purposes, whatever that may be,” says Professor Bland of the conditions that may create such an uprising. A growing population, lack of education, and escalating unemployment rates may also contribute to a future insurgency.
Professor Bland delivered a speech on this topic at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy in Winnipeg. His recently-released work of fiction on aboriginal unrest, titled Uprising, was number one on the Winnipeg Bestsellers list for the week of March 7.
Professor Bland is a former lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian Forces and a prominent military analyst. He holds the Chair in Defence Management Studies in the Queen's University School of Policy Studies. His research is concentrated in the fields of defence policy making and management at national and international levels, the organization and functioning of defence ministries, and civil-military relations.
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