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Airport body scanners


Within the next two months, as many as 45 scanners which cost approximately $200,000 each and allow security personnel to see through the clothing of air travelers will be installed in airports across the country.
According to Queen’s sociology professor David Murakami Wood, “the scanners certainly ‘work’ in the sense that they provide pretty good images of what is under passengers’ clothes. However, interpreting what is seen is still no easy task. The scanners will not replace physical searches, but will add yet another layer of surveillance sorting and therefore delay. But, will this make a real difference or is it just more symbolic security?”
Dr. Murakami Wood is Canada Research Chair and associate professor of Surveillance Studies. He is a new member of The Surveillance Project at Queen’s and is part of The New Transparency research initiative. He is also Managing Editor of Surveillance & Society, the international journal of surveillance studies, and a founder-member of the Surveillance Studies Network.
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