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Boston Marathon bombings: Queen's University expert


Queen's University terrorism and national security expert Christian Leuprecht can talk about various aspects related to the Boston Marathon bombings.

Dr. Leuprecht (who speaks, English, French and German), can talk about the different types of terrorists threats (transnational, international and domestic), how will authorities conduct their investigation and what is the best way for a free and democratic society recover from these attacks.

"The best way for a free and democratic society to respond to an attack like this is by demonstrating resilience. The authorities will do everything they can to get Boston back to normal as quickly as possible. The best way to 'protect' against such events is to show the damage these bombings do is minimal and society bounces back promptly. Don't buy into the psychology of terrorism," says Dr. Leuprecht. "Responding to these types of events is particularly challenging because security services have to run many operations simultaneously: recovery to help the wounded; securing the crime scene which is really hard when you have first-responders rushing around helping the wounded; sweep the scene to ensure there are no more explosive devices; investigate and collect evidence; and crowd control."

Please note Dr. Leuprecht likes to be identified in the media as an expert from Queen's University and Royal Military College of Canada.

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