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Disney Acquires Marvel Entertainment


The Walt Disney Company recently acquired Marvel Entertainment and Queen’s University PhD student Mark Streeter is available to discuss what the purchase means to comic book fans.
“I’ve noticed that general message board/Twitter chats skew toward disappointment or concern over the dilution of Marvel's properties,” says Mr. Streeter. “It's hard to know exactly what they might be concerned about. If anything, the knee-jerk concern among fans says a lot about the brand loyalty Marvel has managed to build up over the years. It will be interesting to see if this buyout will change the (mostly fawning, with a few bumps in the road) relationship between the company and its readership.”
“The business end of the Disney purchase is perhaps more complicated,” Mr. Streeter adds. “Currently Marvel, and its only significant rival DC, is exclusively distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors, a company which basically has a monopoly over comics distribution in North America. Disney owns the publishing company Hyperion, which itself has distribution through the much larger and more powerful HarperCollins. Word is that for now Disney will have a completely hands-off policy surrounding Marvel, but the folks at Diamond Distributors have got to be a little more anxious than before.”
Mark Streeter, PhD student in the English Department at Queen'sMr. Streeter’s research involves the figure of the vigilante in modern American literature and early comic book superheroes.
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