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Facebook Initial Public Offering


Queen’s University experts John Pliniussen and Neal Bearse are available to talk about the Facebook IPO. Experts say the paperwork could be filed as early as today and it will likely be the most anticipated initial public offering since Google in 2004.

Dr. Pliniussen is a marketing professor who specializes in technology and business innovation. He is expecting a buying frenzy and then investors will dump their shares.

“Buy, buy….bye! Facebook will file for its IPO shortly. Then the buying frenzy will begin. Then we will finally learn how much they actually earn and how little they actually know about their almost one billion users. Then people will dump the shares for better long-term investment opportunity,” says Dr. Pliniussen.

Mr. Bearse, the School of Business Associate Director of Marketing at Queen’s, can talk about the impact an IPO may have on everyday Facebook users. Mr. Bearse worries people’s private information may be in jeopardy because of the pressure to produce profit.

“Facebook's transition from a privately held company to one that is publicly traded could have far-reaching implications for those who frequent the social network, particularly when it comes to privacy. With a business model built on collecting massive amounts of data in order to drive targeted advertising, we must realize that users of the site are far more than passive account holders. They're actually Zuckerberg's product. A few soft quarters could draw shareholder scrutiny, motivating the company to unlock previously private data to the public domain, in exchange for additional ad revenue,” said Mr. Bearse, an expert in social media, new media and digital marketing.

Please note that John Pliniussen is only available for phone interviews. Mr. Bearse will not be available for interviews between noon and 4:30 on Wednesday Feb. 1 and will have limited access for TV interviews on Wednesday.

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