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Fears and phobias


As Hallowe’en approaches, Kate Harkness is available to explain the reasons why people feel fear. Some people are born with a tendency to be more fearful or anxious than others explains Dr. Harkness, expert on the origin of fear and phobias.
“We may be genetically programmed by evolution to fear certain things that were dangerous to our ancestors, while some phobias stem from actual events in a person’s life.” She can speak to what is normal in the way of fears and phobias, and the reasons why snakes, spiders, and heights tend to be the most common phobias.
Head of Queen’s Early Experience Research Lab and a member of the Queen’s Mood Lab, Dr. Harkness also examines the role of stress and early trauma as a cause of depression in adolescence and adults.
To arrange an interview with Dr. Harkenss contact Molly Kehoe, molly.kehoe@queensu.ca, 613.533.2877 or Alissa Clark, alissa.clark@queensu.ca, 613.533.6000 ext 77513, Queen’s News and Media Services

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