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Federal election 2008


Ned Franks, Political StudiesExpert in Canadian politics, parliamentary government, public administration, aboriginal self-governmentContact: (613) 544-1435
Kathy Brock, Policy StudiesExpert in Canadian politics, federalism, aboriginal issues, Canadian intergovernmental relations, women and politics)Contact: (613) 530-3888, kathy.brock@queensu.ca
Christian Leuprecht, Policy Studies*Speaks FrenchExpert in Canadian politics, Ontario politics, security, defence, foreign policy, Canadian Forces, population change and migration, radicalization and terrorism, ethnic conflict and violenceContact: (613) 533-6633, christian.leuprecht@queensu.ca
Jonathan Rose, Political StudiesExpert in Canadian politics, political advertising, political communication, propaganda and electoral systems.Contact: (613) 533-6225, jonathan.rose@queensu.ca
Keith Banting, Political Studies Expert in public policy, social policy, federalism, multiculturalism and social integrationContact: (613) 533-3094, bantingk@queensu.ca
David Mitchell, Vice-Principal (Advancement)Expert in political history and former member of the British Columbia Legislature from 1991-1996
Tom Courchene, Policy StudiesExpert in Canadian monetary policy, federalismContact: courchen@queensu.ca
Tom Axworthy, Policy StudiesExpert in government decision-makingContact: (613) 533-6273, axworthy@queensu.ca
Kathy Lahey, LawExpert in taxation and tax policy, income-splittingContact: (613) 613-533-6000 ext. 74277, kal2@post.queensu.ca
Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, Political StudiesExpert in Canadian politics, political behaviour, elections, media and politics, women and politics, and political methodologies)Contact: (613) 533-6240, elizabeth.goodyeargrant@queensu.ca
David Skillicorn, ComputingExpert in spin and detection in election campaignsContact: (613) 533-6065, skill@cs.queensu.ca
Scott Matthews, Political StudiesExpert in elections, voting and public opinion, political psychology, political sociology, voter turnout, political parties, political methodologyContact: (613) 533-6242, scott.matthews@queensu.ca
Arthur Sweetman, Policy StudiesExpert in health policy, social policy, education policy, economic and immigration issuesContact: (613) 533-6000 ext. 77669, Arthur.sweetman@queensu.ca
Kim Nossal, Political StudiesExpert in Canadian foreign policy, Canadian defence policy, Canada-US relationsContact: nossalk@queensu.ca
Contacts:Alissa Clark, (613) 533-6000 ext.77513, alissa.clark@queensu.caMolly Kehoe, (613) 533-2877, molly.kehoe@queensu.ca

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