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Gulf coast oil spill


Queen's University Environmental Studies professor Peter Hodson is available to discuss the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico stemming from an exploded oil rig.

British Petroleum has announced today they managed to stop one of the three leaks but Professor Hodson, an expert in ecological risk assessments, says the oil spill still continues to be a major threat to the ecological resources of the Gulf of Mexico. 

“One leak has been stopped and the rough weather over the weekend dispersed some surface oil, but British Petroleum has indicated that flows could increase.  It is only a matter of time before weather and currents cause significant quantities to come ashore, despite the heroic efforts of the government and fisherman to block it with booms,” says Professor Hodson. “The primary ray of hope is for successful deployment of BP's 'trap' that they plan to place over the leaking well. Meanwhile, the fate and effects of sub-surface oil is unknown and will pose a threat to fish reproduction and abundance of fish stocks"

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