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How to pick the most romantic songs for Valentine's Day


Queen’s University popular music expert and School of Music professor Kip Pegley can comment on picking the perfect song for Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Pegley has five simple steps to making the day magical:

1. Choose a song that was important for your "first" with your lover: first kiss, first dance, or a song that was popular at the time you were first getting to know one another. You can look at the Billboard Charts online to help refresh your memory on what was popular.

2. If you are getting to know someone new, choose a ballad that's important to you, and tell them you are inviting them into your life as they listen to it. Be careful what you say about yourself here as it could turn them off. No Nickelback.

3. Based on what you know about them, choose a song that might be important to them, showing you are stepping into their musical life. Be careful here: choosing a song they don't like is like buying them lingerie that's too big. It could make them feel like you don't notice them and don't know them.

4. Make a joint playlist of songs that both of you might like. You can use beat per minute programs online that will enable you to organize the songs so as to increase the tempo and build up the energy of the evening, and perhaps even end off with a song that might accompany more than dancing.

5. If you aren't sure of a song, pick some classics from before your time. Beatles’ In My Life, Johnny Mathis’ Misty or Etta James’ At Last might show some knowledge of previous musical eras without having to risk guessing their personal favourites.

Please note on Tuesday, February 12 Dr. Pegley is available between 11:30 am to 2 p.m. and has limited availability outside of those hours.

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