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Meteor shower could be most impressive ever: Queen's University expert


Queen’s University astronomy expert Nathalie Ouellette can comment on the new meteor shower, the Camelopardalids, expected Friday and Saturday. Astronomers are saying the Camelopardalids will be a shooting star show like no one has ever seen before.

“This potential meteor storm is a new event called the Camelopardalids that may become annual,” says Ms Ouellette, a PhD candidate in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy and the Queen’s Observatory Coordinator. “North America is ideally placed to witness it late on Friday and Saturday, looking due north near the star Polaris. It is very difficult to predict exactly how strong a shower or storm will be, but the most recent estimates say ideal conditions may produce upwards of 200 shooting stars per hour. If this proves to be true, we should be treated to a beautiful spectacle while Earth passes through the debris of comet 209P/LINEAR, and we may continue to see this shower at varying strengths for years to come.”

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