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New Facebook page trying to ban Canadian shoppers



Queen’s University social media expert Sidneyeve Matrix and Queen’s marketing expert Ken Wong are available to comment on a new Facebook page “Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans” that is pushing to ban Canadian shoppers from a Costco in Bellingham, Washington during certain times of the day. Customers are tired of dealing with what they say are “rude Canadians.”

“If this isn’t a social PR stunt, it really should be,” says Dr. Matrix, “and 'rude Canadians'? That’s a first! This is the latest example how Facebook and other social platforms are effective to publicize, protest, and raise awareness of a wide range of issues--from the serious to the downright silly.”

“This is simply an example of the frequent conflict between people who believe their quality of life is tied to ‘quiet and calm’ and those who see their quality of life as best served by a robust economy,” says Professor Wong. “It is not business versus ‘the people’ but a consequence of different beliefs as to what a ‘good life’ involves. We see the same thing when people argue over casino locations, WalMart store openings and any aggressive push for economic development that involves encroachment on natural settings.

There are stories and photos on the Facebook page depicting Canadian’s in a negative light including a crowd tearing into a pallet of cheap milk and a SUV taking up two parking spaces.

Please note Dr. Matrix is only available for phone interviews.

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