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One year after the Boston bombings: Queen's University expert


Queen’s University political studies expert Christian Leuprecht is available to talk about the Boston bombings one year later.

“There’s an interesting constitutional debate as to whether the Governor overstepped his authority in issuing the decree for everyone to stay home (which effectively amounted to declaring martial law),” adds Dr. Leuprecht. “Citizens from several houses were forced to leave their house at gunpoint, some of whom were cuffed as they exited."

Dr. Leuprecht says the attack showed how much planning and preparation for terrorism eventualities at mass events has progressed over the past decade. However, he says the way the search for the suspects was carried out raises some interesting constitutional conundrums about political and civil authorities’ purview to suspend constitutional rights in times of crisis.

“There appears to have been no coordinated plan for police response if and when they found the suspects: everyone focused on the hunt, no one planned for the actual response, it appears – which is also part of the reason why the other brother initially got away; had they cordoned off the area in a more coordinated fashion, he may not have gotten away.”

Please note Dr. Leuprecht can do interviews in both French and English.

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