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Salmon Shortage in B.C.


Only about 1.7 million sockeye are returning to the Fraser River this year, instead of the 10.6 to 13 million, predicted earlier, by  the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Officials are at a loss to explain what has happened to the salmon.
Queen’s University expert Linda Campbell can discuss fish and food web ecology, and the implications for other animals in the region with the disappearance of millions of salmon.
“In times of increasing human population density and intensifying demands on our natural resources, aquatic ecosystems remain among our most precious global assets,” she says. Dr. Campbell’s research looks at the anthropogenic (caused by humans) and natural toxicants in aquatic ecosystems and the way humans interact with aquatic environments.

To arrange an interview with Linda Campbell, please contact Stephanie Earp at 613-533-6000 ext. 79173 or via email at stephanie.earp@queensu.ca  or Jeff Drake at 613-533-2877 or via email at jeff.drake@queensu.ca

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