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Sociology of Sexual Diversity: The major aim of this course is to explore notions of 'sexual difference' focusing on evolutionary, biological and sociological theories. Specific topics will include sex diversity in human and nonhuman animals, 'signs' of sex (gonads, skeletons, genes, genitals, hormones), hybridity, viruses, bacteria, intersex and transsex.

Middle East Politics in Transition: This popular course was full on the first day of pre-registration! It will explore some key elements in the contemporary international politics of the Middle East.

Global Water Issues: Increasing demands on water resources and widespread pollution of surface and groundwater has led many experts to predict a looming water crisis. This course will develop a global perspective on issues that include water distribution, management, pollution, conservation, conflict and policy.

Religion and Environment: This course will investigate the response of religions to issues such as global warming, and the connections between environmental activist movements and Neopaganism in contemporary western culture. Students will explore how people’s beliefs and practices shape the way they interact with their environment, and vice-versa. They will look at the role of traditional religions and alternative spiritualities, in promoting or deterring from ecologically sustainable living.

Introduction to Re-cycling: This Mining Engineering course was offered for the first time last winter. Topics of special interest include the chemical, environmental, and logistical hurdles that often prevent products from being recycled. The course will also introduce recent innovations in the field of recycling and address the need for innovative design and manufacturing in the future.

Restructuring the State and Economy: This course investigates the debates over the major restructuring of Canada in light of WTO and NAFTA. It looks at issues that include the debate between federalists and globalists; the effects of globalism on the environment, labour, social services and culture; and social movement strategies to resist the erosion of the social safety net.

Approaches to Global Governance: This course will trace the concept of global governance; the implications for international relations and public policy debates; and the design and work of selected international institutions.

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